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What Should Manchester United Do With Paul Pogba?

By News Creatives Authors , in Business , at March 30, 2022

With Paul Pogba’s contract expiring at the end of June, Manchester United must face the realistic eventuality that the France international is likely to move on.

After six years of Pogba’s return, it is fair to say that Manchester United fans feel nonplussed about whether he does decide to join a new club.

There have been times where Pogba has shown his excellency and ability to single-handedly win football matches; but there are also – more often than not – moments where he looks miles off the pace and can be perceived as more of a liability than an asset.

Blame can be shared between the player and the club for not getting the best results showcased on the pitch, but questions have gone unanswered as to why Pogba is such a different player for when he plays in a France shirt compared to at Old Trafford.

For whatever reason, Manchester United have failed to sign an out-and-out defensive midfielder since Nemanja Matic and have had to, at times, rely on Pogba to fill a gap in the team. One can argue this has been nullifying his traits, but others can suggest that Pogba should be capable of performing there if he is to cost £89 million.

The Red Devils, who now have nothing to play for throughout the rest of the season, are in need of a major cultural reset. With Ralf Rangnick, the current interim manager, likely to go upstairs to his consultancy role, it is absolutely essential that the new manager is given the freedom and license to rebuild the team properly.

Manchester United, in the past, would be quick to do everything within their power to tie Pogba down to a new contract. And while they have offered substantial terms to the 29-year-old, they are not going any further than what is already on the table. The Frenchman’s camp says he has rejected it, which can only mean that he is ready to leave in the summer.

Manchester United fans will not be too upset if Pogba’s situation plays out in this manner, for a lot of them believe that a major mentality shift is needed away from the typical ‘star-studded players’. Fans want to see young, hungrier players get brought into the club with their careers ahead of them – with Jadon Sancho being a prime example.

Football can change in a heartbeat, but United’s fans are adamant that change is needed and in a major way.


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