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Fairtrade Fortnight 2022 Is Here And More Relevant Than Ever

By News Creatives Authors , in Business , at February 25, 2022

Halfway through Fairtrade Fortnight – which this year is putting a spotlight on climate adaptation and is asking the public to ‘Choose The World You Want’ – it’s clear that the campaign is more relevant than ever.

There’s been much discussion and analysis on changing shopping habits due to the pandemic, Brexit, the cost of living crisis – they all lead back to a top priority for consumers – sustainability. ‘Go green or go red’ sums up the focus that retailers and brands need to give to their eco credentials, or risk losing an increasingly concerned customer base.

According to the latest GlobeScan 2021 data, “65% of people in the UK say they choose Fairtrade, demonstrating continued consumer commitment to products that are ethically and sustainably produced” says Fairtrade Foundation.

Anna Barker, Head of Responsible Business at the Fairtrade Foundation said: “After the disappointment of COP26, shoppers are increasingly looking to businesses to act on their ethical and social concerns”.

The Co-op’s ‘Ethical Markets Report 2021’ notes that the UK ‘green pound’ has reached record levels, breaking through the £100 billion mark for the first time. At a time of rising prices and faltering consumer confidence, paying attention to this fast growing market is paramount.

Small business leads the way

As is so often the case, independent businesses are leading the way when it comes to building businesses based on ethical credentials. Ethical underwear brand Y.O.U Underwear are avid supporters of the Fairtrade mission.

“Fairtrade is more than just a symbol; it’s a global movement set up to help improve the lives of farmers and producers in exploited regions. We believe that treating and paying people well, as well as committing to keen environmental standards are both crucial in reducing the impact that brands have on the environment” says founder Sarah Jordan. 

Get your Fairtrade message out

Business that are prioritising sustainability throughout their business should have a thorough knowledge of the Fairtrade label and how it can be applied to their products and practices. Fairtrade Fortnight is the perfect time to be showcasing these eco credentials to their customers. 

Hybrid shopping remains the new norm following the pandemic, and digitalization makes it easier for shoppers to compare products and learn whether or not a company’s sourcing and manufacturing practices align with their values. 

A business’s ethical values and practice need to be front and centre of their messaging – being green is viewed as an essential by many customers so they will seek out those who show them that they are.

As Jordan highlights: “Fairtrade is a symbol that 93% of the UK public recognise, making it a useful tool for communicating positive impact and helping consumers know and trust that the brand they’re supporting is taking steps to be more eco-friendly and is paying farmers fairly”.


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