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‘Fortnite’ Offering Original And Movie Nathan Drakes For ‘Uncharted’ Collaboration

By News Creatives Authors , in Business , at February 12, 2022

Fortnite continues its endless string of crossovers with a new collaboration for the upcoming Uncharted movie, the film that spent a decade in development hell, but is actually out on February 18, at long last.

The film is a “reimagining” of a younger Nathan Drake going on adventures, and he’s being played by Tom Holland. As such, Fortnite has done something interesting by offering two sets of skins (coming on February 17), which have original PlayStation Nathan Drake and Chloe Frazer, and then the movie actor versions, Tom Holland and Sophia Ali.

This is Tom Holland’s second Fortnite skin in about three months, as we also got a No Way Home Peter Parker skin for the release of that Spider-Man movie. He now matches his girlfriend Zendaya who also has two Fortnite skins for her roles in Spider-Man as MJ and in Dune as Chani. When are we getting a Rue from Euphoria skin, Epic?

PlayStation is also building up quite a collection of Fortnite icons. Nathan Drake and Chloe join Kratos from God of War, Aloy from Horizon Forbidden West and uh, technically Spider-Man, given that Insomniac’s game is PlayStation’s biggest-selling exclusive. At this point, we’re not missing too many more PlayStation icons. We still need Joel and Ellie from The Last of Us for one. Maybe Jin from Ghost of Tsushima. Microsoft has Master Chief and Marcus and Kait from Gears of War. Fortnite has still not managed to convince Nintendo to hand over its IPs for a collaboration at this point, which I’m sure they’re dying to do.

It’s all part of Fortnite’s grand IP-collecting metaverse plan, which it was trying to build before that term got reduced to a pointless buzzword. It certainly does have the most Ready Player One-friendly roster out there with all these deals made, and they’re never going to stop, that much is clear.

As for the Uncharted movie, reviews are starting to come in, and it’s got a not-great 50% on Rotten Tomatoes, which I can’t say is wholly unexpected, given how the trailer looked and how long this movie has been spent languishing. That’s almost exactly on par with Alicia Vikander’s Tomb Raider, which clocked a 52%. Even in this age of Sonic the Hedgehog, making a truly great video game movie is a tall order. We’ve had better luck on TV between The Witcher and Arcane.

Anyway, the skins are good, and you can add to your virtual Tom Holland collection on February 17 when they’re released. Check out the trailer above, and look for Treasure Maps to return to Fortnite to celebrate the arrival of Uncharted.

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