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Shaun Robinson Talks Taking On Executive Producer Position In Season 2 Of ‘90 Day: Bares All’

By News Creatives Authors , in Leadership , at November 30, 2021

Shaun Robinson is opening up about taking on the additional role of executive producer in TLC’s season 2 of 90 Day: Bares All and how the show allows her to break away from her traditional journalist role.

There is no mentioning entertainment journalism without naming Shaun Robinson. The Emmy award-winning journalist is best known for hosting Access Hollywood for over a decade, winning over millions in the country with her in-depth knowledge and vibrant personality. But her talents transcend the journalism arena, as she’s also an author, actress, producer and philanthropist. As part of her jam-packed resume, she’s been tapped to executive produce 90 Day Fiancé spinoff, 90 Day: Bares All in its second season.

“I started hosting the tell-all reunion shows for 90 Day Fiancé since, I think, 2016. I’ve been with the franchise for a number of years, and I had no idea that it was going to become as huge as it has become,” shares Robinson with For(bes) the Culture’s Raquel “Rocky” Harris. “One hundred sixty-eight countries and territories; my DMs are definitely international.” 

As the franchise continued to grow, so did Robinson’s role within the 90 Day universe. 

“I’m not only doing the tell-alls for 90 Day and the spinoffs. But also, the new show 90 Day: Bares All on Discovery+,” Robinson says. “As we went into season 2, I was made an executive producer, not only on 90 Day: Bares All, but also on the reunion show. It’s a much broader role for me.”

The eighth season of 90 Day Fiancé gained an average of 3 million viewers, according to TLC, Forbes reports. Robinson says she is excited to be a part of the creative side of the franchise and is amazed at how many people are in love with the 90 Day programs.

“We have some wonderful people, wonderful crew that works on’ 90 Day Fiancé.’ I’m really happy to have this new role, and to really participate in the process,” says Robinson. “It’s been a lot of fun, and I look forward to more of this show. Listen, I had no idea. I thought I was going to do a couple of these shows and the show was going to be over, but nope. It just keeps on, that train just keeps on rolling, rolling, rolling, and more people seem to love the franchise.”

On 90 Day: Bares All, fans will get to see all the ins and outs of the show. Robinson notes that some of the content is only for mature audiences. She says hosting Bares All has opened up the door for her to shed some of her own layers as a journalist.

“The couples can say anything they want. We give you behind-the-scenes. We give you never-before-seen interviews. You get a lot on ‘Bares All,’ You get, obviously, stuff that we cannot show on linear TV; we just cannot show it. The rules don’t allow us to. But, we can do anything on ‘Bares All,’ and they can say anything on ‘Bares All.’ Do I blush? Yes, I do. I blush a lot. But, it’s a lot of fun. We play games; it’s fun. It’s the type of show where I get to let loose. Because on the tell-all, I’m in that journalist role. I’m in the ‘Why did you do this?’ and ‘What happened here?’ And I’m just more of that reporter. But on ‘Bares All,’ I get to participate and have a little bit of fun.”


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