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AEW Full Gear 2021 Results: Adam Page And The Winners, Losers Of PPV

By News Creatives Authors , in Business , at November 14, 2021

AEW Full Gear was an up-and-down pay-per-view with exceptional highs while having its share of lows. Hangman Adam Page’s fitting coronation was enough to send fans home happy in ways that can mask some of the pay-per-views shortcomings.

AEW Full Gear 2021 Winners

Hangman Adam Page

Hangman Adam Page won AEW’s most meaningful championship on a night that was all about him. Full Gear started off hot before hitting a wall, however it finished strong as its saved its best match for last. Hangman Adam Page figures to be a babyface champion moving forward, but the Young Bucks’ ambiguous appearance at the end of the match could tell a different story. There are several directions AEW could go with Page, which adds intrigue to this new title reign in the immediate future. Page has been solidified as a perennial top star and it will be up to AEW to keep it that way.


MJF and Darby Allin had the match of the night for 90% of this show as they kicked off the show hot and set the benchmark throughout. MJF getting a big victory as a heel, with Adam Page a newly minted babyface champion, bodes well for his future. MJF figures to be a No. 1 Contender sooner rather than later, but given how much AEW favors long title runs, he’s not going to be a world champion anytime soon.

CM Punk

CM Punk had a very good match against Eddie Kingston, which was the simulated fight it should have been. Punk showed teases of an eventual heel turn as fans skewed toward de facto heel Eddie Kingston. Punk used John Cena’s Five Knuckle Shuffle comeback, which was predictably booed, and used heel facials throughout his match against Kingston, who came up short due to (kayfabe) fatigue. With plenty of juice left in this instantly interesting feud, CM Punk now has an opening to continue taking condescending pot shots at Kingston’s weight and dedication to pro wrestling. If he does, he’ll be a heel in no time.

AEW Full Gear 2021 Losers


Miro has been one of the best acts in all of AEW but lost another big match, this time to Bryan Danielson. Thankfully for Miro, he has been teflon since winning the TNT Championship. Miro has used the momentum as God’s favorite champion to become God’s forsaken champion, a moniker he can continue to use after another golden opportunity slipped through his fingers.

Darby Allin

As a babyface who just lost another big match at a pay-per-view, Darby Allin is reverting back to his role as an up-and-coming babyface who couldn’t win the big one rather than the pillar AEW wants you to believe he is. With Hangman Adam Page currently trending as a babyface champion, it could be quite some time before Allin receives his next shot at the AEW World Championship, let alone a title win.

American Top Team and The Inner Circle

The Inner Circle vs. American Top Team was filled with miscues, and despite its fun moments, registered as the worst match of the night. Chris Jericho did all he could to lead this match, but there was far too much inexperience among the competitors of American Top Team. All-in-all, this was an entertaining feud filled with talented current and future AEW stars, however one that ultimately went out with a whimper.


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