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How To Overcome Limiting Beliefs And Thrive As An Entrepreneur

By News Creatives Authors , in Leadership , at November 10, 2021

Everyone has experienced self-doubt and limiting beliefs at least once in their lifetime. Entrepreneurs, especially in the early stages of building a business, are even more prone to experiencing these feelings and becoming stuck because of them. It’s important to learn how to push past your limiting beliefs so that you can continue tomove forward every single day.

I spoke with Danelle Delgado, a business coach and strategist focused on helping entrepreneurs build thriving and fulfilling businesses. She shared her advice on how to build confidence, push through challenging times, stay focused and motivated, and make limiting beliefs a thing of the past.

Find your reason why and your sense of purpose.

It can be daunting to take the leap and set out on your own as an entrepreneur, but in doing so, Delgado says you could actually be giving both yourself and others the greatest gift. “Build something that nobody can take away from you. Build a skill set that you can count on every single day. Find your inner core values, your mission, vision, and values, and build something upon that,” she advises.

Ultimately, building a business means you get to help people, and the more people you can help, the better. Use this knowledge to find your reason why and your sense of purpose. Delgado uses this as powerful motivation to not only get started but to push through the challenging times and keep moving forward. “If you knew the faces of the people you’d help, you’d start today and you’d never quit, you’d never tire, and you’d never sleep in,” she says. “I think every time we help someone, we help ourselves too.”

Build your confidence.

You have the power to write and re-write your personal narrative, especially if it turns out that an internal monologue of self-doubt is what’s holding you back. “Everybody has a reason why they’re not doing something, and then they have a truth as to why they’re not doing something,” Delgado explains. Reasons tend to be things like not having enough people on your email list or social media followers, not having your content ready yet, or getting stuck on the logistical side of things.

The truth is that often what’s holding you back is your mindset. You’re stuck on logistics because in the back of your mind you’re afraid you might fail or you have another self-limiting belief. It’s self-doubt that’s keeping you from moving forward, and the reasons you’re coming up with are simply manifestations of your doubt. So how do you move beyond that limiting state of mind? “It’s about disproving your doubts every day. Focus on the truth, on facts rather than feelings,” advises Delgado.

Another way to build confidence is simply by taking advantage of momentum. “The more times you’re an asset to others, the faster you will accelerate,” says Delgado. Getting your first client can help lead you to your second, and then things can continue to grow from there.

Build your foundation.

Delgado uses a four-step system to help her clients build their foundations. The four steps are gratitude, growth, goals, and grace, and each one should be practiced daily. For gratitude, keep a journal and write in it at least once per day. For growth, focus on learning and self-development. For grace, ask yourself what you need to let go of that day in order to rise. For goals, work in 90-day time blocks.

Set goals the right way.

To accomplish your goals, your best bet is to work short-term. If you set a goal that’s too far away, such as a year from now, it will be much harder to stay focused and actually accomplish it. Delgado advises working in 90-day goal blocks. In that shorter timeframe, it’s easier to maintain your focus, stay motivated so that you don’t quit, and feel like you’re making real progress.

Have fun.

“Your best ideas come out of play, not from work,” says Delgado. Sometimes the best way to come up with an idea is to simply step away from what you’re doing and find a way to have fun instead. Do something that you’re fully immersed in and not actively thinking about your business. Take a walk, do something that pushes you out of your comfort zone, play board games with friends, anything that makes you happy. Focus solely on that activity so you can fully reap the benefits of being immersed in something you enjoy. Don’t try to force an idea after a session of fun, just try to let things flow naturally.

I’ll leave you with one last nugget of wisdom from Delgado: “My grandpa used to tell me, ‘not everybody made it today, so you better get after it!’ If you knew that today was going to be cut short, what would you do with your day?”


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