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Five Smart Ways To Promote Your Virtual Job Fair

By News Creatives Authors , in Small Business , at November 2, 2021

Cindy Metzler is a senior marketing, branding and public relations strategist and the founder of Omm Media.

The job fairs you grew up with are gone, at least for now. Companies are now avoiding the expense, hassle and pandemic-related risks of in-person job fairs by hosting virtual jobs fairs instead. With all the effectiveness of a traditional job fair but none of the sore feet from standing all day, virtual job fairs have become the standard for companies who want to fill positions with quality applicants fast. 

If you’ve got a virtual job fair coming up and you want to get the maximum number of quality candidates through your virtual door, effective promotion is key. Fortunately, you don’t have to spend a fortune to do it. Here are five low-cost ways to promote your virtual job fair that actually work. 

1. Create a voiceover/sound on tape (VO/SOT). One of the best ways to promote your virtual job fair is with a VO/SOT. This is a form of broadcast news writing in which an anchor reads a story over video then pauses for a brief sound bite.

To create your VO/SOT, start by developing 15 to 30 seconds of b-roll footage showing the virtual job fair. Then write a 15-second script that explains the most captivating reason for job seekers to attend. You want a sound bite that concisely communicates why someone should attend the virtual job fair. Package both as a VO/SOT and email it to the news desk at your local TV station. Cell phone quality will work fine, just keep in mind the video should be filmed horizontally/landscape.

If picked up by the station, a news anchor will read your script while the b-roll footage plays in the background. Stations are often looking for short filler content, and are usually happy to promote something valuable to the community at no cost. 

2. Spread the word on social media. Using Facebook events or paid ads, you can send laser-focused advertising specifically to the type of candidates you want to attend your job fair. You can segment your audience by age, location, interests, education and more. 

Don’t forget organic posts, too. Likes and shares on organic posts lead to greater exposure across social media. Organic posts tend to be seen as more trustworthy by audiences, too. 

3. Send out press releases. Create an easy-to-read press release with all the critical data about your job fair — including date, time, location, participants, etc. — and send it to local media outlets, newspapers and magazines. Though sending a press release doesn’t guarantee publication, a useful community event like a job fair does catch the eye of editors and may lead to free exposure. 

Use an online press release publishing service to distribute your press release online, as well. Publishing online will help your job fair website and registration landing page come up higher on search engine results pages, so they will get more attention from people searching for job fairs in your industry or area. 

4. Use event-planning software or technology. Using an event-planning software like Eventbrite allows you to promote your event in one simple platform, often for free. You can even use the software to host kick-off events before the job fair to gain awareness and build momentum. Other technology platforms that specialize in online career fairs and events include Brazen, Premier Virtual and UgoVirtual. They can create your job fair, manage registration, and even allow job seekers to video chat and interview with recruiters in real time. It’s a whole new online world that allows employees and employers to connect online and get hired faster than in-person job fairs. 

5. Connect with micro-influencers. You don’t need to hire a budget-busting celebrity like Michael Jordan to gain attention for your event. Local people who have influence in their circles are called micro-influencers, and they can help you spread the word about your job fair. Find micro-influencers in your area, industry or target market, and connect with them. They can spread the word on your event throughout their network and social media. 

Proper Promotion Means Greater Success 

With all the hard work that goes into planning a virtual or hybrid job fair, it’s worth the time and energy investment to make sure you’re promoting it to the best of your ability. Using the strategies I’ve outlined above, you’ll be able to drum up attention for your job fair without breaking the bank. 

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