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Thinking About Cybersecurity? Here Are Eight Ways To Protect The Business And Find A Partner

By News Creatives Authors , in Leadership , at October 28, 2021

With the current uptick in ransomware attacks stifling establishments across the United States (and beyond), it’s now standard practice for company leaders and small business owners—who have the resources—to hire a reputable cybersecurity agency to guide and work alongside, the IT team they already have in place. 

If your startup or large enterprise has fallen victim to a digital hacker, or simply wants to stay one step ahead, finding solutions to protect its organization, staff and client members from online predators searching for sensitive data, below, eight Forbes Business Development Council members share their best practices for better results and compatible partnerships in cybercrime prevention.

1. Be Specific About Your Business Needs

One very useful tip is to be sure about what you want to secure. In the current computer-driven information age, basic security is mostly available within the services or products you choose. What you want to top it off with matters. First, you’ll need to know: what to protect, how to protect and from what to protect. Without this clarity, you will end with a plateful of services you don’t use and end up paying for the same. – Ashok Bhat

2. Follow National Policy Guidelines And Templates 

We’ve engaged with a separate cybersecurity agency to help us increase our own protection, as well as make our clients more confident when they have to share sensitive data with us. The added advantage is having the agency guide us to a higher compliance level with The National Institute of Technology cybersecurity framework that we’ve adopted. This provides us with solid policies and templates that shorten the implementation time frame. – Joe DiDonato, Baker Communications, Inc.

3. Review The Cybersecurity Agency’s ‘Managed Security Service Provider’

Determine how strong the cybersecurity company’s “Managed Security Service Provider” (MSSP) is. This is especially important in the SMB space where IT staff and resources are not abundant. In addition, your IT staff may be large, but you may still be missing the necessary cybersecurity knowledge on staff. That’s why the MSSP part of this is so important, as you can outsource this work to experts. – Michael Hines, Demand Management, Inc. (Demand Solutions)

4. Establish Communication And Weak Points

The two most important aspects of a cybersecurity agency are fast communication and minimal weak points. Because of this, I find that partnering with a smaller company is more beneficial than a larger one. It’s easier to get in touch with the appropriate person who can solve a problem, and the small scale means there are fewer “links in the chain” that could be exploited by hackers. – Bryce Welker, Accounting Institute For Success

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5. Onboard A Cybersecurity Officer 

At Vision33 we do ERP and host many of our solutions in the Cloud. We use a combo of AWS and Azure. We realized that despite us having an antivirus software program installed and doing best practices, that alone wasn’t enough to protect our clients’ ERP servers because ransomware could still get in. We are one of the few companies (of our size) that have onboarded a cybersecurity officer to help us stay ahead of bad actors. Attacks are down. – David Strausser, Vision33

6. Keep Your Own Company Proactive

Cybersecurity programs are complex and demanding. Unless organizations have the foresight to prepare checklists and schedules beforehand, the chances of overruns, and their impact on performance levels, are high. Work closely with IT to understand requirements, enlist team cooperation and place controls. Be proactive before you engage the cybersecurity agency. – Wajid Mirza, Arthur Lawrence

7. Remember Cybersecurity Is Like Having Small Business Insurance

I think of outsourcing cybersecurity as purchasing insurance. For small businesses such as medical clinics that deal with only private information, outsourcing a company helps to ensure that clinics remain up to standards to protect the patients, staff and doctors. – Maria Wu, Maud Medical Clinic

8. Have A Clear Understanding Of The Agency’s Basic Principles

Make an effort to understand basic principles of the trade and discuss the potential agency partner’s typical approach to cybersecurity protection for company’s like yours, before the agency develops a solution to meet your requirements. Nobody knows your business better than yourself. – Gabriel Tan, GUAVA Amenities


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