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Iconic Singer Jody Watley Releases Surprise New Dance/Club Remix Album

By News Creatives Authors , in Business , at October 28, 2021

Iconic, Grammy-award winning singer/songwriter Jody Watley has released a special collection of Alex Di Ciò Dance/Club remixes. Following up on recent critically acclaimed releases, The Healing, and the Top 5 UK Soul release, Winter Nights EP, Jody Watley brings on Renderings EP – The Alex Di Ciò Remixes, a collection of uplifting songs penned by Watley and longtime collaborator Rodney Lee.

Jody Watley, the Grammy-winning, trendsetting pioneer in music, video, and fashion new dance remix album entitled, Renderings includes the anthem, Not A Single Day Goes By featuring Levi Seacer formerly of Prince’s NPG. Watley says, “the song had been on my mind with so much loss of life and it being a song in remembrance of those who are no longer with us, I sent to Alex to put his touch on it – and here we are!” 

“One of the definitions of a rendering is an interpretation or translation of art – that’s what I thought about as I listened to Alex’s mixes that he was inspired to do and looking at the art Shawn did for fun on his Instagram page initially, which I immediately thought would be a cool piece of music artwork for the cover,” says Watley. 

She added, “Alex has contributed to all of my recent Top 5 U.K. Soul Chart releases.” 

 When the social media topic came up, Watley says, “What I realize about being on social media is that people discover and rediscover things all the time – something is always new to someone seeing or hearing anything for the first time. It’s also important to continue to be inspired and it may come in the most unexpected ways and sources. It’s been a tough couple of years due to pandemic – I want people to feel uplifted and inspired.”

“Renderings” by Jody Watley is now available on all digital platforms!

The new anthem Not A Single Day Goes By arrives October 29, 2021.

You can connect with Jody Watley on all her social media platforms @jodywatley


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