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‘House Of Gucci’ Trailer: Ridley Scott Tries To Save Cinema, Take Two

By News Creatives Authors , in Business , at October 28, 2021

MGM just dropped another delicious trailer for Ridley Scott’s House of Gucci, which will play well with the folks who make the right call and show up in theaters this weekend (presuming one feel’s safe doing so) to see Edgar Wright’s terrifically entertaining Last Night in Soho.

I took in a Friday matinee of Wes Anderson’s enjoyable The French Dispatch (which goes wide tomorrow… cinema is back) last week and relished a full AMC 20-minute trailer reel filled with mostly non-franchise old-school “movies.” Of course, after I snuck in (using A-List) to a Dolby Cinema Dune showing to catch the tentpole trailers, so I’m not a total snob. Offhand, The Batman trailer played better in Dolby, while the Matrix Resurrections teaser absolutely rips on the big screen.

House of Gucci opens wide on Thanksgiving weekend alongside Disney’s

Encanto and Sony’s Resident Evil: Welcome to Raccoon City reboot/origin/etc. It frankly looks like an absolute romp, with Lady Gaga proving that A Star Is Born was no fluke and Adam Driver again proving himself to be the second coming of Al Pacino (while, in this case, starring with Al Pacino). This is actually Ridley Scott’s second big-budget, adult-skewing “real movie” in just over a month, following The Last Duel.

That film was probably the year’s biggest box office bomb (around $20 million worldwide on a $100 million budget), but this one looks a lot more “fun.” That this looks more “escapist” and less “grim and centered around a violent sexual assault” may mean it has a chance.

I don’t know whether Lady Gaga is a butts-in-seats draw when she’s not playing a fictionalized version of herself, just as I don’t know whether Timothée Chalamet starring in Little Women and Dune means he actually can get folks to show up for already appealing commercial packages, but I’d like to think so. Joke all you want about folks claiming to be upset about Zendaya only being in Dune for seven minutes (every single pre-release review noted as much), but audiences showing up for movie stars is what made original and new-to-you Hollywood films commercially viable.

Once the movie star got replaced by the IP and the the marquee character, well, that’s why even Pixar is centering their outer-space swashbuckler around Buzz Lightyear. I just wish more of those Zendaya stans would check out Malcolm & Marie on Netflix

, just as I wish those claiming to adore James Gunn’s Guardians of the Galaxy would have (relatively speaking) sampled James Gunn’s The Suicide Squad theatrically.

Nonetheless, if audiences will show up for a Lady Gaga vehicle, as long as it looks good, gets decent reviews and promises a certain “cinematic escapism,” well, that’s a net positive. I might even argue that the musician being as *as* Patrizia Reggiani counts as a star+character sell. Assuming the reviews are decent, it does have all five hallmarks (an all-star ensemble, a marquee director, an easy pitch, good reviews and the promise of a good time at the movies) of a pre-Covid “movie movie” success.

If it clicks, it’ll mean that Ridley Scott “saved” the grown-up big-budget studio flick on the second try. I get why nobody showed up for The Last Duel, even if I mourn its failure and argue that the Matt Damon/Adam Driver/Jodie Comer/Ben Affleck medieval melodrama is one of the year’s best movies. And if House of Gucci opens well, following solid runs for No Time to Die and Addams Family 2, I may have to start saying nice things about MGM’s domestic distribution arm.

Here’s hoping that House of Gucci can do what The Last Duel couldn’t when it opens on November 24.


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