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Build A Successful Vlog By Creating Rapport

By News Creatives Authors , in Leadership , at October 28, 2021

When Jerusha McGrath, CEO of Jerusha Couture, first started her Youtube channel 11 years ago, she was transitioning out of selling her own fashion label in a boutique in Sydney. She simply started filming her daily routine and showing off her passion for luxury bags. This aspect of sharing her life sparked her interest and also began attracting others with an interest in fashion. She quickly realized that creating rapport was one of the most important parts of establishing a strong social media presence and building a following.

McGrath credits her large social media following to creating rapport via vlogging. Here are her tips for creating rapport so you can build your own audience.

Find Your Product

In McGrath’s community of luxury fashion, product is absolutely key. If you can sell yourself and people like you, that’s great. If you can find a product, you’re golden. “Service-based businesses are great, but it’s tiring because of the amount of time you must put in. Product provides a never-ending generation of content, which means more touch-points with your audience. With one handbag, I can produce at least three videos, including an unboxing, review, and wear and tear video.” She encourages content creators to think efficiently about what types of videos each product can produce. 

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Trust Your Viewer

One of the biggest pitfalls for beginner content creators is a lack of trust and willingness to be vulnerable. Some of the most popular channels on Youtube are vlog channels that expose every aspect of someone’s life. However, McGrath says this level of sharing isn’t necessary. You can still maintain your privacy while also creating a connection with your viewer. Despite her luxury fashion niche, she alternates between studio-quality, sit-down videos and vlogs. 

Why vlog if the luxury fashion videos are what people come to see? McGrath admits, “While vlogging is very different from my typical content, it really helped me grow. I was initially scared of things like showing the messy parts of my life and introducing my subscribers to my family, but quickly realized that this type of vulnerability is what builds a connection. They realize you’re a real person, and that motivates them to keep watching.” So, if you’re a content creator who isn’t sure how to take this step, stop worrying so much about how you’re being portrayed. You can’t always be perfect, and it’s more relatable when you’re honest and genuine. 

Engage With The Community

From the start, McGrath has always prioritized engaging with her audience. When she first began her channel, she consistently replied to comments. This built loyalty, which increased traffic. “Interacting with people is essential, and even now, with a much bigger platform, I still take at least an hour of each day to respond to DMs, and comments.”

Every content creator needs to engage with the people they make content for. It’s a crucial step in building rapport and solid connection.

Learn The Platform

Though often underrated, understanding the inner workings of your chosen platform(s) is very important. McGrath says, “You need to know how to bring traffic, monetize, examine analytics, and cultivate content that will succeed with the algorithm. Once you learn, you can take advantage of the system and make it work in your favor.” Each social media platform has their own quirks, audiences and preferences – get to know the platform well, so that you can best build content.

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