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Covid Delta Surge ‘Is Over’ In Florida, Hospital Group Says—Here’s The Toll It Took

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After months of steady declines in Covid cases, the delta surge in Florida has come to an end, the Florida Hospital Association said Friday, after a summer spike that caused the biggest Covid outbreak of any large state in the country.

Key Facts

Florida is still averaging just under 2,700 new cases a day, according to Johns Hopkins University, but that number is less than one tenth of the state’s summer high.

On August 9, Florida was averaging 27,605 new Covid cases per day, which is the highest level any state reached during the delta surge.

Hospitalizations have also dropped below 2,700—down from a high of more than 17,000 in late August.

Deaths, which lag behind movements in other metrics, are averaging 187 per day, down from a high of 418 a day on September 10.

Crucial Quote

“While COVID-19 remains a concern, the summer Delta surge in Florida is over,” Florida Hospital Association President Mary Mayhew said in a statement. “While the worst of the delta surge is behind us, getting vaccinated remains the best protection against serious illness, possible hospitalization, and death from COVID-19.”

Key Background

The delta variant of coronavirus, which is much more contagious than earlier strains, caused a massive uptick in Covid-19 across the U.S. this summer, particularly in the South. The spread in Florida pushed health care capacity beyond its limits, with some hospitals resorting to treating patients in hallways and waiting rooms, while deaths were happening so fast that makeshift morgues were set up. The spread of the delta variant also led to a record number of children being hospitalized in Florida, with the variant known to cause more severe infections in young people compared to earlier strains. At one point in late August, so many people were being treated using liquid oxygen at central Florida hospitals that Orlando residents were urged to take shorter showers and stop washing their cars due to a shortage of liquid oxygen, which is used to purify water in the area.

Surprising Fact

The delta variant’s rapid spread through the U.S. led to tougher Covid guidelines and restrictions across the country, including the CDC urging fully vaccinated people in most places to mask up again. But Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis (R) refused to put any new restrictions in place, instead using his powers as governor to prevent them. One of the most notable moves from the governor was an executive order to block mask mandates in schools, but some local school districts in Democratic-leaning areas opted to violate the state’s orders by putting mask mandates in place anyway. DeSantis’ administration has responded by pulling state funding for districts that refuse to lift mandates.

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