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X2 Performance Partners With Anheuser-Busch’s AB ONE To Deliver Healthy Energy Drinks To Consumers

By News Creatives Authors , in Business , at October 21, 2021

X2 Performance and Anheuser-Busch’s AB ONE announced Thursday a partnership that will bring X2’s products to market across Los Angeles and Southern California.

This partnership will utilize AB ONE’s highly-esteemed distribution network to deliver widespread retail of X2’s line of energy drinks. The products will now be available to thousands of retailers in the regions of Central LA, Riverside/Pomona Beach, and Beach Cities. Those stores will include 7-11, ampm, Circle K, and Anabi Oil locations.

After a wildly successful run over the last couple years, it was important for X2 to branch out and further its presence in the Southern California market. Before Thursday, their consumer reach was limited to CVS and Subway. Now, they will be available in various supermarkets and convenience stores.

In a press release, Scott King, VP of Marketplace for AB ONE, mentioned how consumers are enjoying products that are cleaner for their bodies, which will make this a successful business deal.

“The energy drink consumer is moving towards better-for-you products, and we are extremely excited about working with X2 Performance to deliver their products to meet our retailers’ needs,” King said.

X2’s energy drinks, which the company prides itself in only having clean, healthy ingredients of the highest quality, have been quickly rising in popularity among the professional sports and fitness scene. On top of being trusted by professional organizations and purchased by over 30 sports teams, the products have recently been backed and endorsed by many prominent stars.

Kawhi Leonard of the LA Clippers joined the company in an equity deal last November, making him a significant shareholder and the face of the X2 brand. Considering how selective Leonard is with the brands he will partner with, or endorse, X2 had to make its case as the right fit for him. The natural ingredients of X2, coupled with how serious the company is about testing their products to the highest standards of purity, is what made it a no-brainer decision for him to join forces.

Always having the reputation of a meticulous competitor on the court, Leonard wouldn’t put his name next to a company unless they had the same identity.

X2 is also backed by marquee investors, including private equity company L Catteron, who played a major role in influencing Leonard to join the company, and Sweetwater Capital. Along with Leonard, X2 has a mix of shareholders from the sports world. One of those is NFL All-Pro running back Saquon Barkley, who the company struck a deal with in July. They are also supported by Super Bowl champion linebacker Lavonte David and Peloton Instructor Kendall Toole.

Now, the products used by these all-world athletes will slide right into the hands of everyday customers for them to enjoy. The widespread distribution of X2 energy drinks won’t be limited to Southern California, though. With Los Angeles being the hometown market of Leonard and Toole, it’s just the starting point.

Mark French, CEO of X2 Performance, expounded on the importance of the company’s growth and how monumental the AB ONE distribution network will be for them.

“We have been very happy with the steady progression towards our goal of expanding past the locker room and into the hands of health conscious consumers,” French said. “We are thrilled AB ONE selected X2 Performance to be their clean healthy energy offering. With AB ONE’s best-in-class distribution network, and our differentiated offering coupled with the reach of our A-list athlete partners, we are optimistic that we will be bringing new customers to the growing energy category.”

Beverage industry veteran and X2 investor Eric Foss will take over as Chairman for X2. After serving as Chairman and CEO of Pepsi Bottling Group and Aramark

, Foss will utilize his experience and knowledge within the industry to lead the way during this X2 expansion and partnership with AB ONE.

Many critical steps have been taken this past year to set X2 up for success as we enter this critical growth phase with AB ONE,” Foss said. “With X2’s unique position in the market and an experienced management team focused on rolling out the brand in a disciplined strategic manner, it is an exciting time to assume the Chairman role and help Mark and my fellow board members scale the business.” 

X2 will continue to be a staple in locker rooms across all professional sports leagues. It’s become the most popular way for athletes to fuel their bodies and maximize their performance on the court, field, or in the gym while training.

With Kawhi Leonard leading the way as one of the most dominant players in basketball, the company is only scratching the surface of what it can accomplish. Bringing X2 products to the shelves is just the first step of that process.


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