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Audio Behemoth Spotify Expands Its Video Podcast Programming

By News Creatives Authors , in Business , at October 21, 2021


Streaming behemoth Spotify announced Thursday plans to expand its video podcast programming by allowing anyone to upload their own shows in the future, signaling that the largely audio-based platform is also embracing video.

Key Facts

Any Spotify user will be able to upload and share their own video podcast after the feature is launched on a rolling basis with select content creators.

Spotify, best known for its audio offerings including 70 million music titles, first debuted video podcasts in July 2020.

Users will access the new video podcast capabilities using the service’s podcasting platform, Anchor.

The rollout will begin with “key creators” including established podcasters and popular video creators looking to expand to Spotify, such as Philip DeFranco of YouTube fame and TikTok star Jasmine Chiswell.

When it launches users will be able to monetize their video podcasts through subscriptions and ad partnerships.

Big Number

2.9 million. That’s the number of podcast titles streaming on Spotify, according to the company’s website.

Key Background

Thursday’s news is part of Spotify’s larger podcast push, which it’s spent about $1 billion on so far. It already has several popular video podcasts including “The Joe Rogan Experience” and The Ringer’s “Higher Learning with Van Lathan and Rachel Lindsay.” Creators hoping to join their video podcasting ranks currently have to apply for the waitlist on Anchor.

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