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Keep An Eye On ‘My Name,’ Netflix’s Next Potential Korean Megahit Post-‘Squid Game’

By News Creatives Authors , in Business , at October 17, 2021

One of the most common questions in the streaming world right now is what should you watch after Squid Game, as that was many people’s first introduction to Korean television. Now, Netflix is looking to provide an easy answer with My Name, a new Korean drama that is already starting to tick up the top 10 list, even in the US.

My Name just debuted this past Friday, and it’s already landed at #9 on Netflix’s overall top 10 in the US, #6 for TV. It’s the story of a woman who joins a gang to avenge her father’s death, and then goes undercover as a police officer. It stars Han So-hee, a model and actress who has been in a number of Korean shows since 2017, but this is likely to be her biggest role yet.

While it’s unlikely that My Name will replicate the extreme viral success of Squid Game, I’d keep an eye on it all the same. After Squid Game, I think you’re going to see more and more quality Korean dramas rising up the charts all over the world, now that more people are willing to give them a chance.

My Name is reviewing well with an 8.1 user score on IMDB, just a tick below Squid Game’s 8.2. It also shares something similar to Squid Game in that it has consistency of writing and directing across all its episodes. Squid Game had Hwang Dong-hyuk writing and directly all the Squid Game episodes. My name has one writer and one director respectively for all eight episodes. Kim Ba-da writing, Kim Jin-min directing.

Squid Game fever is starting to die down just a little bit, as it’s been passed up by You season 3 in the US and some other countries, meaning it will not set the record for most days in the #1 slot (held by Ginny and Georgia, of all things, with 29). But I do predict you will start to see more and more Korean shows on this list and Netflix is obviously going to try to replicate Squid Game’s success. The very first thing I saw when I logged in today was a full header preview for My Name, with Netflix recommending it to me as the next thing I should be watching, even above You season 3 itself. Expect a lot more prominence for a lot more Korean series going forward.

I am going to check out My Name this week (when I’m done with You), and will have a review shortly. Keep an eye on this one, as we could be looking at another huge Korean hit for Netflix if it can build some momentum. Maybe not Squid Game level, but impressive all the same.

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