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In ‘My Name’ Han So-Hee Seeks Revenge For Her Father’s Murder

By News Creatives Authors , in Business , at October 17, 2021

Revenge is a popular topic in Korean dramas. Storylines often use heartbreaking details to illustrate the reasons a person might seek revenge, but also explore what revenge can do to those who pursue it. Usually the price exacted by revenge is too high, as the quest can easily consume a life. 

Yoo Ji-woo, the protagonist in the drama My Name, is a 17-year-old student, who knows how to take care of herself. When she’s bullied by fellow students, who learn that her father is a criminal, she singlehandedly thrashes several of them. Annoyed by the police who are following her, she smashes their car mirror. Yet as tough as she is, she’s not prepared for her father’s murder, which happens on her birthday just outside her front door.

Ji-woo is played with a whole lot of grit by actress Han So-hee. It’s quite a different role for Han, who previously played the other woman in World of the Married and a vulnerable art student in Nevertheless. She’s all muscle, sweat and speed in My Name, impressively throwing her body around as if she had been doing difficult stunts all her life. 

Ji-woo tries to find out who killed her father, but the police have no leads and the crime boss her father worked with is not interested. She wants to kill the man who killed her father, she tells crime boss Choi Mu-jin, played by Park Hee Soon. He’s not convinced. He asks her if she could really kill someone and then quickly disables her to prove that she would more likely become a victim. However, Ji-woo is determined and pursues possible clues, putting herself in danger. Given that her father once saved his life, Choi Mu-jin eventually decides to teach her lethal skills. 

He shows her how to disable other fighters and she’s a good student. Sooner than anyone might expect, she’s one of his toughest fighters, fearless and cunning. There’s also a terrifying resolve in her eyes that suggests she will die trying to exact revenge.

After she’s convinced the police killed her father, she adopts a new identity and decides to become a police officer and identify the killer. Whether she achieves the desired kill remains to be seen, but for a long while revenge will definitely consume her life. Becoming a police officer will also place her in some problematic situations with Choi Mu-jin.

The eight-episode drama also stars Ahn Bo-hyun, currently playing a very different role in the rom com Yumi’s Cells, and Lee Hak-joo, last seen in Private Lives. Ahn plays a detective, Jeon Pil-do, while Lee plays the gangster, Jung Tae-ju.


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