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Joy Behar: Tucker Carlson ‘Couldn’t Resist Going Full Bigot’ In Comments About Pete Buttigieg

By News Creatives Authors , in Business , at October 15, 2021

On ABC’s The View Friday, co-host Joy Behar said Fox News host Tucker Carlson “couldn’t resist going full bigot” in comments Carlson made Thursday night about Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg.

On Fox’s top-rated Tucker Carlson Tonight, Carlson mocked Buttigieg for taking paternity leave after Buttigieg and his husband newborn twins. “Paternity leave, they call it,” the Fox News host said. “Trying to figure out how to breast feed. No word on how that went.” The remark had Carlson trending on Twitter Thursday night, with most commenters slamming Carlson.

Behar called Carlson “insecure” and asked, “he’s mocking (Buttigieg’s) manliness? What is he mocking?” Co-host Sunny Hostin said of Carlson “he’s an equal opportunity bigot.”

Guest host Sherri Shepherd, noting that paternity leave is hardly a mystery and that an increasing number of companies—including Fox, where host Jesse Watters took time off following the birth of his third child—offer time off to parents to bond with their children, saying “men actually have to take time off. Your significant other needs help, you need help. Men get stressed, so I think it’s great.”

Behar returned to the question of what Carlson was implying with his “breast feeding” quip, saying “regarding the mocking of the manliness of Pete Buttigieg, I’d like to just say that Pete Buttigieg served six years in the Navy Reserve and deployed—was deployed in Afghanistan. Tucker Carlson was booted off Dancing with the Stars after he couldn’t even do the Cha Cha.”


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