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Blackpink’s Lisa Has A New Single Coming Next Friday

By News Creatives Authors , in Business , at October 15, 2021

While on the red carpet at the MTV Video Music Awards last month, Latin superstar Ozuna shared that while he was there to promote one single, he already had the next one ready to go. He dropped the hint that Blackpink was involved, but not much was made of the claim at the time. Now, the musician has clarified that the tune doesn’t feature the full band, but rather one of the four members who is already having an incredible month on charts all around the world.

Ozuna’s new single, which appears to be titled “Sexy Girl” (or some shortening of those words) according to a video clip he uploaded to social media, is expected next Friday, October 22, and it is slated to be a highly collaborative affair between four musicians who differ in background and sound. The Latin powerhouse’s next focus track will reportedly feature DJ Snake, Megan Thee Stallion and Lisa of the band Blackpink, not the entire group as it first appeared.

The Latin Grammy winner tweeted the news on October 13, confirming what had already somewhat been leaked. The four musicians have all found success in their own right, but with their talents, powers and fan bases combined, the tune could become a major smash.

The tiny visual Ozuna shared online highlights that the song will center around a horn beat, but beyond that, not much is known. It can be assumed that the tune will at least be partially performed in English and Spanish, though whether Lisa will sing and/or rap in Korean isn’t clear. It could be a bilingual cut, or it could feature three tongues, which would make it accessible and interesting to an even larger audience.

“Sexy Girl” (if that is actually what it’s called) will be Ozuna’s sixth consecutive single that is thus far unattached to a full-length. It appears he’s leading up to a new album, though so far the details are scarce. He did drop a project very early in 2021 with fellow Latin artist Anuel AA, the collaborative Los Dioses, and it quickly reached the second top 10 for both acts on the Billboard 200.

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