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Blackpink’s Lisa Is Now Tied For The Third-Most Hits In U.K. History Among K-Pop Musicians

By News Creatives Authors , in Business , at October 11, 2021

Two K-pop acts debut new songs on the U.K. singles chart this week, coincidentally appearing right next to one another. As Twice lands their first-ever hit on the ranking with “The Feels,” Blackpink member Lisa makes history in her own way by collecting a second smash all on her own. The singer and rapper (who was born in Thailand but who got her career start in South Korea) sees her recently-released tune “Money” open at No. 81, and it’s become an incredibly important placement for the musician.

Lisa is now just the fourth K-pop artist of any kind to send more than one track to the U.K. singles chart. With only two hits to her credit, she is already tied with one other musician for the third-most smashes among that group in history.

Several weeks ago, Lisa made waves in so many ways by debuting her first solo single “Lalisa” on the U.K. songs chart. Now, “Money,” which initially served as the lead cut’s B-side, has also become a win in the country, and it instantly doubles her total appearances on the competitive 100-spot tally. 

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With a pair of charting hits to her name, Lisa is now on the same level as groundbreaking musician Psy, who also managed two wins during his heyday. He remains the only K-pop artist to hit No. 1 in the U.K., as he ran the show for a period of time in 2012 with the inescapable “Gangnam Style.” Months after that track began to fall, he managed to return to the highest tier with “Gentleman,” which peaked at No. 10.

BTS are in a very distant first place among all K-pop acts when looking at which names have scored the most charting hits in the U.K. The septet has now pushed 19 different tracks to the list, upping that total once more last week with their Coldplay collaboration “My Universe,” which returned them to their No. 3 high point.

Blackpink is the only other act from South Korea to chart more than one song in the U.K., and they are also doing extremely well for themselves. The girl group (which has now seen two of its four members appear on the ranking at least once as solo acts in 2021 alone) has already landed seven hits, and that sum will surely rise again when they have more music to share with the world.

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