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Fantastic Fest: Chatting Iké Boys With Star Quinn Lord

By News Creatives Authors , in Business , at October 8, 2021

In Iké Boys, two American anime fans and a Japanese exchange student get their hands on an anime classic, an unfinished rarity that gradually transforms them into real life anime figures. I chatted with star Quinn Lord (Shawn) about the film, anime, and more.

JE: How did you get attached to to Iké Boys?

QL: It was an email that popped up out of the blue. I was like “how did this get here?” and I found out much later that one of the editors from The Man in the High Castle was working with the director and suggested me because she was working with a whole bunch of The Man in the High Castle players. One thing led to another, [then] a video chat, and we found out we had a whole bunch of things in common, and it went from there.

I read the script, it was really cool. Superheroes, my character would speak Japanese… [Anime] had a profound influence from childhood, watching Transformers and Robotech. I started trying to learn Japanese at 10 years old but didn’t quite quite follow through, [but the script] was like it was meant to be.

JE: Are you a fan of Japanese arts and cinema?

QL: Yes! Not quite obsessed with it like Shawn, but it was definitely something I grew up with. I’ve sort of returned to it since then because the director, Eric, sent out a list of a whole bunch of different animes… if we were to watch through every single one we’d still be watching it now. I sort of rediscovered interest in anime like One Punch Man [and others].

JE: Tell me about Shawn and how you fell into the character?

QL: I have to start by saying it has a lot to do with the brilliant casting of director Eric McEver. On top of that, he said the film was sort of semi-autobiographical about his experiences during his years [growing up]. We found out that we had a lot in common… [he also cast] the major characters based on our actual personalities, who we really are, so falling into the character was not really falling into character. We were just 70% there already, which is awesome.

JE: What kind of stunt work did you have to do for the film?

QL: [First], I wasn’t in the full suit you saw. They had suit actors who watched us and our movements. I did a whole bunch of ADR. It was a lot of fun. The closest thing to stunt work I did was when Billy Zane was [instructing] and Shawn was the only one to not raise his hand. He did a palm strike in my chest… I don’t remember if I actually did wear a chest [pad] or just have a mat behind me.

The film is an entertaining love letter to Japanese anime, and it saw its world premiere at Fantastic Fest 2021.


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