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A Simple Script For Communicating Transparently With Your Team

By News Creatives Authors , in Leadership , at October 7, 2021

Transparent communication in the workplace is crucial. But for managers, what does transparent communication actually look like in practice?

When someone on the team asks a question, managers find themselves in three potential scenarios:

  1. You don’t know the answer. This can happen with large structural changes where the decision is still being hammered out by senior leadership.
  2. You know the answer but are unable to disclose the answer. This can happen when layoffs or major changes are coming, but word from senior management is that these changes are not to be disclosed yet.
  3. You know the answer and can share it. This happens when you’ve gotten clarity on something and are free to disclose that information to your team.

Regardless of which of the three scenarios you find yourself in, be honest. You can use the following script with your team:

I promise to be honest with you. If I don’t know the answer, I will be open and tell you that I don’t know the answer. If I know the answer but for business confidentiality reasons, I cannot tell you the answer, I will tell you that too. And lastly, if I know the answer and can tell you, I will.

Committing to this type of direct transparency will elevate your team, produce genuine relationships, uphold a dedicated practice of clear communication, instill trust and continue to attract and retain qualified talent to your company and team.


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