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Facebook Outage Boosted Snapchat, Signal And Telegram—All Saw Usage Surge

By News Creatives Authors , in Business , at October 6, 2021


Time spent on apps including Snapchat, Signal and Telegram all grew substantially during Monday’s massive six-hour Facebook outage that also took down WhatsApp and Instagram, according to figures from app analytics company Sensor Tower.

Key Facts

Compared to the week before, Monday’s usage surged 23% on Snapchat and 11% on Twitter, while messaging apps Telegram and Signal grew 18% and 15% respectively, according to Sensor Tower data from 100,000 random Android users.

Interestingly, usage grew just 2% on TikTok.

Telegram and Signal both climbed App Store rankings for free iPhone apps as well: Telegram reached No. 1 in 40 markets tracked by Sensor Tower, while Signal reached the top 10 in 35 markets after not being in the top 10 for any market the day before.

Telegram CEO Pavel Durov announced the app had seen a record increase in registration and activity on Monday, welcoming “over 70 million refugees from other platforms,” while Signal tweeted that sign-ups were “way up” during the outage.

Sensor Tower found the average amount of time spent on Monday dipped 28% for Instagram, 25% for WhatsApp and 24% for Facebook.

Crucial Quote

Twitter’s official account posted a simple “hello literally everyone,” subtly nodding to its rival’s woes on Monday, garnering over 3 million likes.

Key Background

Monday’s hours-long outage was caused by “configuration changes” to the routers that coordinate network traffic between Facebook’s data centers, the company said in a post. The service interruption is estimated to have lost Facebook about $65 million, while CEO Mark Zuckerberg lost nearly $6 billion in a day after also facing political pressure because of a whistleblower’s Senate testimony.

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