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Even ‘Assassin’s Creed’ Is Posting ‘Squid Game’ Memes Now

By News Creatives Authors , in Business , at October 5, 2021

Squid Game has taken off as something of a streaming sensation, captivating audiences with its brutal, tense story about contestants fighting their way through a series of six terrifying—and deadly—games.

Some minor spoilers follow.

There are a series of six total games that Seong Gi-Hun (aka Player 456) and his fellow contestants have to navigate. Some of these are children’s games that the characters remember from their youth. The second game is the honeycomb shape cutting challenge. It’s during this game that we start to realize that Gi-Hun’s friend, Cho Sang-Woo, might not be a good guy, after all.

In any case, contestants were not told the nature of the game before starting. Instead, they were asked to lineup behind four different shapes on the wall:

The really diabolical thing about this game is that the shapes really matter a lot when it comes to success. Each shape corresponds with a small, round honeycomb cracker-pancake called dalgona.

The shape is formed in the center of the circle and players are told that they have ten minutes to extract the shape from the rest of the honeycomb without breaking any of its edges. Failure, of course, means a bullet to the brain.

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So the players all sit down to work, and as you can see in the top picture, our protagonist gets the most difficult shape of the bunch, an umbrella.

But there are potentially even more challenging shapes out there that Squid Game could have used. For instance, Ubisoft has gotten into the Squid Game meme game with an Assassin’s Creed take on the honeycomb challenge:

The Xbox Twitter account replied, rather fatalistically:

I don’t think it’s even possible. Even with the lick strategy, there are too many curves and points and sharp edges, and the little piece at the top would have to be detached. This makes an umbrella look like a walk in the park.

You know you’ve reached some cultural milestone when video games are posting memes about your show. Now all we need are some Squid Game skins in Fall Guys and we’ll have come full circle. As round as a dalgona.

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