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Katy Perry Sings, Dances And Decorates To Music In Color

By News Creatives Authors , in Real Estate , at October 4, 2021

Can music help you choose colors for your rooms? Katy Parry thinks so. In fact, she believes that music and colors are essentially intertwined.

“I’ve always said that if I weren’t a musician, I’d be a stylist,” she said in an exclusive interview.

“I love the expression of color in everything, from my wardrobe to my photos and videos. My hair has been every color on the palette, and as a new mom, I’ve been exploring a lot of neutrals lately to balance out all the new energy, though Daisy Dove is a color queen at the moment!”

Katy Perry presents a new venture together with Behr Paints and Spotify called Music In Color, an interactive audio representation of colors she experiences through music. The new color selector tool will help people discover personalized paint color recommendations through their favorite songs 

“Behr came to me with this idea of connecting music and color, and it resonated with me because I almost always have a visual associated with my music as I’m writing it,” the singer says. 

The interactive color tool works across the entire Spotify music library by identifying key characteristics in a song, based on tempo, key and other musical attributes, to create a unique experience for each song and user. Developed in partnership with creative agency TBWAChiatDay LA, the campaign is accompanied by the new film, “Katy in Color.” Featuring Katy Perry, the film shows the relationship between music and the colors that Katy experiences. 

“Emil Nava brought that idea to life by bringing that palette to three of my favorite songs,” Perry says. “It was effortless and fun to authentically collaborate through a platform I use every day.”

“We wanted to create a completely new way for people to experience color selection by drawing on the inherent connection between music, color, and creativity,” said Jodi Allen, global chief marketing officer at Behr Paint Company. “By combining Katy Perry’s intrinsically colorful music and personality with Spotify’s data-driven technology, the Music In Color by Behr experience unleashes an entirely new way of approaching the color selection process by using music as the guide to make DIYers inspiration a reality.”

Katy Parry details how she used the new color selector tool.

“We picked colors based on signature, tempo, and whether a song is major or minor. If you search your favorite song on the Behr and Spotify microsite, you’ll see what color your song is, and maybe it can inspire you to paint a room your favorite song. Like, as you can see in the film, my song Never Really Over is Laser Lemon, Waking Up In Vegas is Flirt Alert, and Teenage Dream is Sea of Tranquility.”

Free to consumers, the color selector tool can help users discover the colors of their favorite songs by visiting


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