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Are You A Divider Or A Unifier?

By News Creatives Authors , in Leadership , at September 30, 2021

Leaders throughout history in politics, business, technology and more have applied their own philosophies to achieve greatness. Each one, however, falls into one of two camps: Dividers or Unifiers. 

Unifiers create civilizations. Dividers destroy them. Unifiers have a mission and the ability to draw people to it. They know how to reconcile situations, putting the cause and others — as opposed to themselves — first. 

You wouldn’t want to be known as a Divider, right?  

But do you ever find yourself wanting to put things into neat little boxes that can be controlled? Do you create processes that inadvertently slow things down and generate more problems? Or perhaps you’re just a victim of what came before you. And you’re stuck.  

Or, would you say you’re a Unifier?

This may seem lofty, but do you desire to bring people together for change? Do you believe that dreaming is one thing, but empowering the doers is where true leadership happens? 

Great examples of Unifiers include people like Martin Luther King Jr., Mahatma Gandhi, and Nelson Mandela. We celebrate them for uniting people to be stronger together and bringing a voice of reason to the conversation. 

And those neat little boxes? You’re still a great organizer, but you see the value of opening them up, connecting them. Unifying. Most of all, you desire a more hopeful, helpful, and happier world.

Then you, my friend, are a Unifier.

For the Unifiers 

You don’t have to be a world leader to be a Unifier. Unifiers can be the caretakers who create stable and happy homes. Or they can be business leaders who do what is right for the customer. 

Excellent examples of Unifiers in business include today’s leading CMOs who, over the past year, have emerged across industries to be champions of the customer. At a time when a global pandemic separated brands from customers, and customers from one another, the world’s most visionary marketers found new ways to break down silos, bring customers together, and help their companies grow.

Forbes published the list of The World’s Most Influential CMOs, which was informed by Sprinklr’s AI. Sprinklr’s deeper dive into that list, CX Unifiers: Lessons from 5 of Forbes’ World’s Most Influential CMOs, shines a deserved light on a handful of CMOs who stepped up in exceptional ways during a difficult time. These leaders bring a unified, innovative approach to customer experience management.

Under CMO William White, Walmart has innovated a customer-centric approach that focuses on meeting customers where they are, and as who they are, by bringing those customers together in new ways.

One year into her role as CMO of Netflix, marketing icon Bozoma Saint John has levelled up the company’s already legendary customer experience. Under Saint John’s leadership, Netflix is rolling out new marketing initiatives and new customer offerings, unifying the company’s role as our communal living room. No wonder customer engagement at Netflix is so strong.

For Adobe’s Ann Lewnes, customer experience is about enabling the creative community. From offering free Creative Cloud subscriptions to 30 million students during the early months of Covid lockdown, to re-imagining Adobe’s flagship Summit as a cutting-edge virtual event, Lewnes and team have helped the creative, educational, and business worlds survive and thrive throughout the pandemic.

Listening, creating unifying experiences, and delighting customers has elevated these CMOs to the top of the pack. Read the full report for exclusive data and to learn about other CMOs who are leading the way in customer experience. 

Unified-CXM: the need to Unify

No matter what business you’re in, customer experience can make or break the health of your brand and bottom line. It’s a concept so widely accepted that Congress declared the first Tuesday of October as a day to celebrate customers and the people who serve them.  

And just like these honored CMOs, we all have the potential to be a Unifier and creator of extraordinary experiences. And, I believe that there has never been a better time to do so.

Because the world has shifted dramatically:

  • The way the world communicates has changed, with billions of consumers moving from traditional channels like email and phone, to dozens of modern channels like social, messaging, chat, and text.
  • The amount of experience data customers share is unprecedented and unstructured; enterprises are unable to own it and traditional systems, like CRM, are not built to manage it.
  • The expectations of consumers have changed, with an instant, personalized, proactive, and consistent experience valued above all else, forcing every customer-facing team across the front office to rethink old approaches. 

Enterprises need a new path forward. A way to communicate across channels, harness and structure experience data using powerful AI, and automation to act on it at scale, with privacy by design.

At Sprinklr, our vision is to create the world’s most loved enterprise software company, because the need to unify is so clear and obvious. It’s how we work together. It’s even the foundation of what we do. We call it unified customer experience management (Unified-CXM). And over the past decade, we have pioneered a new category of enterprise software, purpose-built to unify all customer-facing functions — like customer care and marketing — to deliver a more human experience to every customer, every time. All on one unified platform, to make our customers happier. 

The best is yet to come

Unifiers move civilizations forward and have the ability to free others from suffocating silos. They aren’t afraid to break with tradition and embrace a new way of thinking and a new mindset. Unifiers are the doers. They don’t just dream, they identify the goal and create a plan to get there.

No matter who you are or where you work, you can be that person. A Unifier. And today, and every day, we honor those who unify. Whether it’s through work, people, customer experiences or a need in the world that serves the greater good, unifying is about elevating new thinking into action — into a movement. 

Unifying has the power to define and elevate us all. 

The journey takes trust, fearless optimism, and an unwavering commitment to being helpful. I invite you on this journey as a leader and doer. For the Unifiers. 

Because our world needs a major dose of unity. And we can be the ones to show others how.


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