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Weekly Round Up: Podcasts You Should Be Checking Out

By News Creatives Authors , in Business , at September 28, 2021

Every Tuesday, I will spotlight some podcasts that you should be checking out. Below is my Weekly Round Up. Your welcome.

Nappy Boy Radio with T-Pain– Each week, each week on Nappy Boy Radio, Grammy award-winner T- Pain, his co-hosts, and guests will dive headfirst into the world of music, gaming, exotic cars, tech, and alcoholic beverages, as they peel back the layers of what really adds spice to life. Recorded in his new state-of-the-art Podcast studio, you’ll ride shotgun with Pain as he takes his guests on a gauntlet style tour of his recording studio, gaming rooms, exotic bars, car collection, drifting setups, and stripper poles. Not only will you get a first-hand look into the world of T- Pain, but you’ll experience a completely unfiltered view of the life and mind of one of the world’s most respected artists. Welcome…to Nappy Boy Radio.The Patdown with Ms. Pat– After appearing on podcasts by Joe Rogan, Marc Maron, Tom Segura, Bert Kreischer, Joey Diaz, and Ari Shaffir, comedian Ms. Pat has decided to branch out on her own and create a truly unique and hilarious podcast with Deon Curry, Chris Spangle, friends, and family, she dives into topics from backside meatballs to race. With their unique perspectives, the crew of The Patdown with Ms. Pat will make you laugh, think, and appreciate life a little differently.

Fathers Who Bother– Everyone needs some fatherly advice and veteran entertainment journalist Jerry Barrow here to give us what we need. His podcast, Fathers Who Bother (The title is taken from Pete Rock and CL Smooth’s classic “They Reminisce Over You, T.R.O.Y”.), is a dedication to involved fathers who are “Dad as we wannabe.” Barrow has candid conversations about fatherhood with various dads throughout the entertainment industry. You can check out Fathers Who Bother on all platforms.

Huuuge Fan– Hosted by ESPN and WNBA analyst LaChina Robinson, Huuuge Fan an original SiriusXM podcast, features in-depth conversations with some of today’s biggest stars of stage and screen – famous actors, musicians, and other celebs who are big sports fans – about their favorite team. Though they spend most of their lives in the spotlight, each episode of Huuuge Fan showcases an aspect of these celebrities’ lives that is less often seen. Robinson speaks with sports fans Tracy Morgan, Ashley Judd, Nelly, Michael Bublé and Tim McGraw as guests on the show are Drew Carey, Monica, Adam Duritz, Michelle Williams, Anthony Ramos and many others.

Infamous: The Story of YNW Melly– hosted by Ace Hood, Infamous: The Story of YNW Melly, follows the murder of YNW Melly’s two best friends, Sakchaser (aka Anthony Williams, 21 years old), and Juvy (aka Christopher Thomas Jr., 19 years old) from the YNW collective. Melly currently, incarcerated awaiting trial for his alleged participation in this crime faces life imprisonment or the death penalty, if convicted. Unprecedented in this case, prosecutors are using lyrics from his breakout hit “Murder On My Mind, against him as evidence in court, which tells the fictional story of accidentally killing a friend. Infamous: The Story of YNW Melly drops weekly on Spotify and all platforms.

Belle Makes Twelve Meet Cute and Ellie Goulding have partnered to create a new podcast series that will feature six songs from her latest album, Brightest Blue, launching on October 5, 2021. Belle Makes Twelve is a modern version of “Cheaper By The Dozen”—nine wacky siblings, an overworked elder daughter, and an overwhelmed (and coming out) father, all struggling to get through the day and exploring modern relationships in and out of the house. Can the eldest daughter cram a boyfriend into her crazy family life after the death of her mother? Can a teenage boy accept polyamory as the norm for his dating life? How can two identical twins be so different in the harsh light of high school? After 28 years of marriage and fatherhood, can a dad finally come out and live a life held secret for so long? And will his wild family accept the new him?

See You In Your Nightmares– In partnership with iHeartRadio and Einhorn’s Epic Productions, See You In Your Nightmares tells the story of Harper Hart, who has been plagued by insomnia since the mysterious death of her twin sister. In desperation, Harper turns to an experimental treatment, but something goes terribly wrong. Now, Harper can enter other people’s dreams — soon, however, she discovers that she’s not alone and will have to overcome her deepest fears to make it out of the nightmare. Hosted by Heather Einhorn and Adam Staffaroni, the show will have listeners hooked with its dynamic mix of mystery, suspense, horror, and coming-of-age themes. The podcast is available on iHeartRadio and all other platforms.

Certified Buckets (the can’t-miss basketball and culture podcast from UNINTERRUPTED) is back for season 2 hosted by NBA insiders and social media stars, Ashley Nicole Moss, Lethal Shooter, and Kristian Winfield. Every episode will recap the latest NBA news and trending social topics that are dominating convos about culture as our hosts and their frequent high-profile guests let it fly with their hottest takes, behind-the-scenes stories, and one-of-a-kind insights. The show, as its namesake suggests, is certified in every way: Certified hosts with an unrivaled depth of knowledge. Certified Buckets Podcast Can be Found On Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Amazon Music, Pandora, and Stitcher.


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