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Amazon CEO Andy Jassy’s Strategy For Post-Pandemic CX

By News Creatives Authors , in Leadership , at September 27, 2021

Every company around the world has undergone massive change and transformation over the last 18 months—but perhaps none as large or visible as Amazon. 

With a new CEO in Andy Jassy, a major deal with MGM, new products and government pressure on big tech companies—all during a global pandemic—Amazon has been juggling numerous balls in the air.  

Jassy himself stated that Amazon has experienced two to three years of growth in the past 18 months. But how will a new CEO and leadership style, as well as the constantly changing pandemic world, impact Amazon’s customer experience? 

Pandemic Put Growth And CX In Overdrive 

Since its beginning, Amazon’s mission has been to become the most customer-focused company in the world. Jassy says Amazon’s laser focus on customers won’t change under his watch. The company’s strategy of making customers’ lives easier and better will continue in a post-COVID world. 

Amazon realized early on in the pandemic that it had a crucial role to play with so many businesses shutting down or being limited in their scope. With its widespread network, Amazon had the infrastructure and bandwidth to step up when most physical retail was shutting down.

Expanding its scope helped people around the world get the supplies they needed to stay safe and healthy and supported thousands of small and medium businesses. The pandemic push also led to huge growth for Amazon—the fulfillment center network it spent 25 years building has doubled in just the last two years. Even with the incredible growth and changes, customers remain Amazon’s top focus. 

More customers experienced new forms of e-commerce during the pandemic, which will lead to an increasing retail share moving towards e-commerce going forward. That push doesn’t necessarily all fall on Amazon, but the company will set the example for other retailers’ moves to e-commerce.

Focus On Employees

A focus on customers is impossible without a strong employee experience. Amazon has more than 1 million employees around the world and is hiring at a feverish pace. But the pandemic changed the workforce and how people work. 

Even with those changes, Amazon is moving forward with its HQ2 in Arlington, Virginia. Employees will likely have more flexibility in how and where they work going forward, but having a place to gather and collaborate is crucial to the company’s growth. 

Amazon has also been a leader in providing a higher minimum wage and strong benefits packages. Its goal to become the earth’s best employer means building a place where people have career options to grow and transform. In a competitive labor market where a company’s difficulties and shortcomings are quickly broadcast, Amazon is investing in safety, training and education to give its employees opportunities for personal and professional growth. 

Future Of CX

Amazon’s commitment to making customers’ lives easier and better often comes through its relentless innovation. The company is a leader in numerous industries because of its customer-focused products and services and continual improvements. 

Amazon’s products are all designed with customers in mind. One example is the recently announced voice-controlled Omni Series Fire TVs, which open the door for customers to use voice commands to watch TV, stream apps or even shop through their TVs. 

Jassy says Amazon has the opportunity to change what’s possible and accessible for people. That push for innovation will continue as Amazon builds on its incredible customer experience and enhances offerings with new products and services. 

The future of CX at Amazon doesn’t require reinventing the wheel. Instead, it’s about creating new products and services to build on the foundation of strong customer service. The pandemic showed customers the convenience of e-commerce and integrated Amazon services, and it showed the company what can happen when teams and products work together. With a spirit of invention and a laser focus on customers, Amazon will continue to set the bar for customer experience moving forward.

Blake Morgan is a customer experience futurist, keynote speaker and the author of the bestselling book The Customer Of The Future. Be part of the brand new Customer Experience Community here.


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