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The Daily Show’s Jordan Klepper Takes On Anti-Mask, Anti-Covid-19 Vaccine Rallies

By News Creatives Authors , in Business , at September 26, 2021

There are those in America trying hard ever day to stop the spread of the Covid-19 coronavirus. And then there are the people whom Jordan Klepper interviewed for a couple “Fingers the Pulse” segments in The Daily Show.

In the more recent segment aired on Thursday, Klepper stopped by an anti-face mask protest led by Rep. Madison Cawthorn (R-NC) at a recent school board meeting in Smithfield, North Carolina. Klepper dubbed such school board meetings as “America’s new thunderdome” with parents apparently deciding that “putting on a piece of cloth is just too much.” In other words, many school boards want children to wear pieces of cloth on their faces to protect themselves and others from them, and some parents have been raising ruckuses against such requirements.

Here’s the segment:

As you can see, the first protester featured on the segment was wearing a blue T-shirt that read “I Don’t Co-Parent With The Government.” She emphasized that she’s against “all mandates.” Against all mandates? really? Wait till she hears about the “must wear clothes while in public” mandate or the “use toilet and not the floor” mandate. 

The segment shifted quickly to man who confidently said, “Masks will never protect America,” and then to a third protester appeared on the segment. This protester was also wearing a “I Don’t Co-Parent With The Government” T-shirt but this one was in a different color and style. This protester claimed that her child was “suffering” from wearing face masks. When Klepper asked, “what kind of issues has he had?” She replied that “he has had acne on his face from, you know, the mask covering and not letting his skin breathe.” Egads! Acne?!? How is someone ever supposed to recover from having had acne as a child?

Another protester wearing a dark blue tank top claimed that “you’re breathing in the toxins that your body is trying to get rid of.” When Klepper asked, “how do surgeons do it,” this protester responded with “that is a good question.” Now, it’s not clear what the protester may have said right after that, because the segment was edited. But that is a good question, why have many surgeons and other doctors and health professionals worn face masks for years without showing any real ill effects?

The segment included a man claiming that the impact of Covid-19 is being overblown, saying, “I’ve walked through the hospitals, I’ve video taped inside hospitals, and guess what? They aren’t full of Covid patients.” To that Klepper responded, “now I’m worried about Covid and security measures at North Carolina hospitals.” After all, it may be a bit disconcerting for patients and their families to hear that some random guy is walking around the hospital filming everyone.

Later on the segment switched back to the protester with the dark blue tank top, who said some over the top things. The woman wearing the tank top said those things, that is and not the dark blue tank top itself. The tank top seemed to stay quiet during the entire conversation. For example, she said that wearing face masks is “a sign of slavery.” Gee, wonder what people who have actually had to endure slavery would say about that?

She added, “I’ve discovered in my research also that Satanists stand six feet apart. They wear masks during rituals.” It’s not clear what she meant by “research.” Scrolling through Facebook posts is not research. What would you do if your lawyer or doctor told you, “I’ve done some research on your case, and looks like Uncle Morty shared something on Facebook that told me what to do.”

Last month, Klepper visited an anti-Covid-19 vaccination rally in New York City (NYC) and had some interesting encounters as well. Here is that segment:

As you can see, one protester claimed that “women are miscarrying. People are having their DNAs wiped out,” as a result of the Covid-19 vaccine. Holy smokes! DNA wiped out? That would constitute a very bad day. If that were the case, you’d be hearing a whole lot more of, “I was supposed to meet Marcus yesterday but he got the Covid-19 vaccine and got his DNA wiped out. I asked him if he wanted to re-schedule but didn’t hear back from him.”

The continuing theme is that none of the protesters seemed to offer any viable alternatives to what they were protesting against. The Covid-19 coronavirus pandemic is a real public health emergency. Approximately one out of every 500 Americans have died from Covid-19 since early 2020. Someone needs to be done to stop the spread of the virus or at least reduce its potential impact. Protesting against the Covid-19 vaccine or face mask requirements is a bit like protesting against having to work.


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