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Five Types Of People Who Shouldn’t Be Left Off Your Gift List

By News Creatives Authors , in Small Business , at September 24, 2021

Joseph Sommer. Corproate Gifting Expert. Entrepreneur. President of Aster Gifts and Whitestone Branding. 

Simply put, we give gifts to show our appreciation. There are many people who, without them in our lives, we simply wouldn’t be where we are today. But oftentimes, especially in a business setting, there are people who don’t get the acknowledgment they deserve. From my experience in corporate gifting, the following are five types of people I believe are often overlooked.

1. Co-Workers 

The first and arguably most important are your team members. We spend eight hours a day with them and, in many cases, your team becomes life-long friends. According to NetDoctor, new research reveals that the vast majority (96%) of people value the thought behind a gift rather than the gift itself. Gifting your co-workers is healthy, should be encouraged and they are oftentimes the people who are overlooked on company and individual gift lists. Not only will your team members feel valued and appreciated, but it will motivate them to continue to produce high-quality work. 

2. Referral Sources 

I’ve always considered a referral to be the highest form of compliment. When people send you business, it means they trust and believe in your work, and therefore they should always make your gift list. Whether the gift is sent at the time of referral or at the end of the year, showing your appreciation will ensure more business referrals keep coming your way. It’s a great way to recognize the effort they made in helping advance your career and business and the referral didn’t go unnoticed.  

3. Vendors 

For many of us, we have a vendor network, and this group of people often doesn’t find its way to our gift list. And indeed they should because without them, we wouldn’t be able to sell our products or services. Your top vendors in most cases are your biggest fans, and if you have a strong vendor network, they can become great referral sources for your business. Gifting to vendors also promotes brand loyalty and shows your appreciation for their contribution to your company. 

4. Business Inner Circle 

Your inner circle includes your accountant, bookkeeper, lawyer, financial advisor and insurance broker. They likely know more about you and your business than most others in your life do. They’ve got your best interest at heart and are in your corner every step of the way. These key people in your life should always make the gifting list, but since we may only speak to them a handful of times a year, and it’s us who are clients of theirs, they often get left off the list. A thoughtful gift can strengthen these key relationships and, in many cases, the stronger these relationships are, the more protected you and your business are from outside forces. 

5. Mentors or Coaches 

These folks help you leapfrog in areas of your personal life and career. Mentors and coaches play an instrumental role in your development and help us get to where we want to be. Whether you pay for their services or they volunteer their time, they should receive gifts because your company may not be where it is today without their insight and guidance. 

In closing, gifting to the stakeholders in your business is essential to keeping your circle strong. Whether you want to order branded gifts in bulk or create a specific item that fits a personal interest of the receiver, these are the people you do not want to ignore.

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