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3 Tips For Making Customer Service The Central Focus Of Your Business

By News Creatives Authors , in Leadership , at September 24, 2021

“#1 in Customer Service!” is something we see everywhere these days but happens to just be a lot of lip service. You see it plastered on every billboard, wrapped truck, website banner and more. When a business truly gives great customer service, it’s a series of actions and processes that allow them to do that. Customer service has become a make-or-break for many businesses, startups, and experts – and in our digital age, it’s easy to hear when it’s bad.

As a result, brands are getting creative with how they employ their customer service channels. It’s paying off for those that are paying attention, considering 70% of Americans are spending more at businesses that ‘offer great customer service.’ Even more important: companies that provide an emotional connection with customers are outperforming the sales growth of their competitors by 85%.

Here are a few ways to operationalize your customer service efforts so that you can stay on top of it and truly provide an outstanding experience.

1. Be Present Online

“The majority of consumers interact with a brand using the internet, and more so than ever with the pandemic,” says Connor LaRocque, CEO of Social Rise, Inc. “That means they are more likely to leave reviews, comments, and tweets as a way to get your attention and let you know about their experience which is essential to other customers making purchase decisions and will affect the bottom line revenue. Gone are the days when they would pick up the phone, call, or mail a letter to make a complaint or purchases.” 

That’s why it’s paramount to have a team in place every day that is attentive and responsive to these online customer service questions, comments, and concerns. Many consumers will comment on social media posts or send a direct message as their way to work through their questions regarding a product or service. If they are not answered by a brand, they are going to do business with the next brand that does answer them. Ghosting potential clients through the internet does not bode well for a brand’s reputation.

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2. Listen to Customer Concerns And Feedback

People want to be heard, which is why brands that listen closely to what customers are telling them are masters at customer service. Dr. Michael Connor, a leading Oculoplastic Surgeon listened to his patients’ concerns and feedback which led him to team up with his wife, Dr. Jeanmarie Connor to invent Scarology, an at-home scar remediation solution that was wanted and needed by his clientele.

“People often overlook the simplicity of customer service and merely listening to what clients have to say,” said Dr. Connor. “It’s this added touch that helps them to feel seen, heard, and supported.” Not only did listening to their patients help them retain clientele, but led them to innovate in an area that was a pain point for them.

3. Reward Customers For Feedback And Testimonials

Social proof is essential for gaining trust online today, which is why brands should be rewarding those that provide this kind of social proof for their business. If a person leaves a review, comment, or testimonial in support of your product/service, reach out to thank them. If you can do it personally, even better. Interact with the very people who support the business, and they will become loyal, dedicated followers for years to come.

Customer service is not a flat, one-dimensional activity that businesses can haphazardly consider. It should be central to everything that is offered through a brand today. The sooner businesses embrace this, the more successful they will be.

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