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Brian Williams Mocks Outrageous School Board Speakers: ‘Perhaps You Remember Your First Edible’

By News Creatives Authors , in Business , at September 23, 2021

In his end-of-show segment “The Last Thing Before We Go” Wednesday night, MSNBC’s The 11th Hour anchor Brian Williams truly saved the best for last. Williams aired video of parents making outrageous and bizarre statements at school board meetings across the country—many virulently opposed to mask mandates in schools. The video, produced by The Recount, features a woman who warns that “demonic entities” have replaced school board members in communities from coast to coast, and others who passionately roll out disproven claims and ridiculous assertions found only in places like TikTok and Facebook: that immunized people become magnetic, that wearing masks deprive children of oxygen, and that the CDC intends to deploy “concentration camps.”

But it’s the last man in the video—screaming into the microphone at a school board meeting—who says “it’s your children who will be subjugated, and will be asked, ‘have you been a good little Nazi’” who teed up Williams’ trademark dry wit. “Perhaps you remember your first edible,” Williams said, resulting in a flood of comments on Twitter that soon had the MSNBC anchor trending on the social media platform overnight and into Wednesday.

Williams’ delivery was so on point many, including University of Alabama Law School professor and MSNBC regular Joyce Alene asked “did Brian Williams just say ‘perhaps you remember your first edible,’ or have I been working for too many hours today?”

Others thanks the MSNBC anchor for “making this terrible world more palpable”—at least for one night:


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