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Being Mission-Driven Goes Well Beyond Your Company

By News Creatives Authors , in Small Business , at September 23, 2021

Ross Franklin is a best-selling author, one of the top ranked wellness entrepreneurs in the US and Founder & CEO of Pure Green Franchise.

The journey to success has many ups and downs. There will be times when the voice in your head tries to convince you to take the easy route and take shortcuts. Your brain may question whether you would be better off not being an entrepreneur and would benefit from the security of working for a large, “stable” company.

The path of the entrepreneur is certainly riskier but often presents much greater upside potential. Entrepreneurs are not necessarily people who are wired differently but rather people who have conditioned themselves to endure the journey. Ultimately, what will keep you going is your “why” — your reason for starting your own company and your reason for driving forward.

It is important to have a compelling “why” as inspiration that drives you to take the required actions. This reason will differ for most people, but what is most important is that your reason is meaningful to you.

Some entrepreneurs don’t like to report to anyone and want to be their own boss. I don’t think this is a compelling enough reason. Many entrepreneurs find as they grow their businesses as founders and CEOs that they still must answer to a board of directors and shareholders. Typically, the faster the company takes on investors, the more the founder and CEO’s power is diminished.

Ultimately, your success as an entrepreneur will depend on your passion and your reason for starting your company in the first place. What’s your passion, and what’s driving you to want to start a company? How can you convert your passion into a business, and will your business help people beyond yourself? Answering these self-reflective questions can help ensure that your passion is present and that your reason for starting your company will inspire and motivate others.

Not everyone is wired to start their own company or has the desire to go through the difficult times that are often inevitable. That’s why I turned my business, Pure Green, into a franchise where entrepreneurs can open and operate a business that’s a proven success.

In the business world, your ability to influence people is a critical component of your success. If you’re starting a business, you’ll need to influence others to bring your business to life. You’ll likely need to have people align with your vision, and you may need to convince investors of the viability of your business. Whether you’re starting a business, or you already own a business, you need to use your skills to hire, train and develop staff or hire others to do that for you.

When I talk to angel investors, private equity groups and venture capital firms and ask them why they invest in a startup, always within the top three reasons is their belief in the founder or leadership team. Where does this belief come from? Certainly, the founder’s previous experience, education and background play a role; however, more important is the founder’s ability to articulate their vision in an authentic way and influence everyone in the room.

Where does this ability to influence come from, and how do you improve your ability to influence others? It starts with being authentic and operating your company with complete congruency with your mission.

Be Authentic To Your Mission

There needs to be complete congruence between you and your company’s mission. A great founder or executive is the embodiment of what their company stands for. This helps shape the company culture and makes a bold statement about a brand’s authenticity.

Imagine a company that claims to be a financial wellness company selling what’s marketed to be a revolutionary plan to get rid of personal debt, but the company’s founder is deeply indebted and has been without any change since before starting the company. The question of efficacy and the effectiveness of the plan being sold is then raised. How effective can the plan be if the company’s own founder isn’t seeing any results?

Now imagine the same financial wellness company, where the founder used to have substantial debt, but after implementing the company’s plan has been able to pay it all off. This scenario makes for a much more compelling and authentic story and can even help market the plan being sold. 

A company’s founder and leadership team should be evangelists for the brand. Everything about a company reflects who’s in charge, and how the company’s core leadership team embodies the brand has a direct impact on the public’s perceived authenticity of the brand. I believe in a top-down leadership approach where everything about a company reflects who’s in charge. If you’re the founder or a core leadership team member, you should live and breathe your company’s mission.

As a founder, embracing your company’s mission both personally and professionally can help inspire confidence in your brand.

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