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Is Mike Michalowicz’s New Book “Get Different” Really That Different?

By News Creatives Authors , in Small Business , at September 21, 2021

Another book telling us how to stand out? I’ll see about that!

Mike Michalowicz has been a visionary for some time now. He blew my mind when I first read The Pumpkin Plan, and his game-changing book Profit First—which teaches you to pay yourself before anything else to ensure you are always profitable—spoke right to me. I’ve subscribed to “profit first” in my business ever since and I suggest all my clients do the same.


Since then I’ve had the pleasure of staying connected with Mike, having him on my podcast, and keeping up with his new projects. The latest is his newest book, Get Different.


Mike has a unique way of breaking down complex ideas into simple stories and frameworks that make them easy to grasp and apply. And his books never fail to entertain because of his special brand of college sports references and toilet humor that, while definitely not my style, always has me smiling.

I was super excited to read Mr. Profit First’s take on standing out in a crowded marketplace. 


But I have to admit I was also a little skeptical.

Another book on the importance of being different in your marketing?


I called my branding company Worstofall Design in 2011, despite countless comments from the peanut gallery like, “People might think you’re actually bad at what you do and won’t hire you.” (Oh, shoot, I hadn’t thought of that!)

I also wrote a book about branding whose name I can’t publish here because it’s so “different,” even Forbes has deemed it too inappropriate to use in my column.  

Being different is what I’m all about!


So I cracked open Get Different ready to nod along to a book that was preaching to the choir.


What I found instead was a unique set of stories, exercises, and prompts that had me dog-earring every third page and running to my notebook with ideas. And in my world, even just ONE of those ideas has the potential to change everything in my business, and this had plenty.


But let me back up and give a real review, including the basic premise. Here’s my interpretation of the main thesis of Get Different: In order to even have a chance to make a sale, you need a buyer to first entertain your offer. And in order for them to entertain your offer, they have to see it. And if they don’t see it, you’re screwed and might as well give up right there. 


But in a world where we are all bombarded with offers everywhere we look, all the time, yours is going to fade into the white noise of everything else.


Unless, that is, you Get Different.


According to Mike, you need to disrupt someone’s thinking—and you need to do it in 0.03 second if you want them to stop and pay attention long enough that you can tell them about your product. And the only way to disrupt someone’s thinking is to show them something different enough that they cannot miss it. Their brain will see the incongruity and demand to know more.


And without this difference maker, it doesn’t matter how great your service is. It doesn’t matter how brilliant you are, or how much better you are than the competition. If the competition Gets Different and you don’t, they will mop the floor with you.


By now you might still be thinking, Yes, Pia, I get that “different” gets attention. But how do I figure out how to be different? That’s the hard part!


It is hard. The best branding and marketing people out there make big bucks because their creative brains are well practiced at generating creative ideas that stand out and get different. Everyone else knows that different is important, and we can all see that different works. But most people see different ideas in the marketplace and try to copy them in their own marketing. It means that things that are different now may become common place sometime in the near future.


Which is also why, when I first said “Bada#$ Brands without the BS” on my branding agency website in 2013, it was shocking and deemed even inappropriate in some circles (ahem, Chamber of Commerce), but now as I teach other branders how to build No BS Agencies it’s still edgy but some of the shock value is lost.


And that is why Get Different is the book we all need. It’s not here to tell you what ideas to use. Instead, it’s going to inspire you with stories about how little tweaks and shifts can lead you to the difference maker. It’s filled with prompts that will force you to start generating your own Get Different strategies. It has whole difference-generating workshop outlines for you to follow to make sure you become a different-generating machine.


In essence, it’s the book you need if you want to learn how to generate different ideas on command, instead of longingly looking at those who are doing so and trying to find an appropriate way to copy them. And learning how to generate those ideas yourself is the only way you’ll have a shot at actually being different.


Want to grow your business? Make more sales? Get more clients? According to Mike Michalowicz, you need to Get Different before you do anything else. And his new book will show you how. 


Get Different is out today! Grab it here.


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