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By News Creatives Authors , in Business , at September 21, 2021

When we founded Snappy Kraken back in 2017, one of our first priorities was deciding what kind of company we wanted to build. Among the core tenets we agreed on was a stipulation that we would make important marketing decisions based on hard data rather than merely intuition or “gut.” While there are certainly elements of creativity that are involved in marketing, it’s the proper utilization of data that sets mediocre marketers apart from great ones. There have been times when our Chief Marketing Officer, Angel Gonzalez, and I have had differences of opinions. . . whereupon he has kindly reminded me to let the data tell us how to proceed.

We publicly share an annual report made up of the prior year’s marketing data and trends so others can benefit from what we’ve learned. One of the items that blew us away in 2021 was the performance of video campaigns; clearly proving that video needs to be a major component of any companies’ marketing strategy.

For example, the average email has an open rate of 21.6 percent. That goes up to 26.4 percent if you add a video to the email, which amounts to a 20 percent increase. The beauty of data collection is that while a 20 percent shift might not seem huge on the surface, when we delved further into the numbers, we found something even more impressive. The average email click rate is 2.72 percent, but that goes up 176 percent to 42.6 percent if you add a video. Think about it: nearly half of readers will click through from an email to consume your content if you add a video. That’s a game changer!

Of course, there are a lot of people out there telling businesses to make more videos. But even more important than making videos is having a strategy for promoting them. Most people make a video and then throw it up natively on Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, et cetera. And that’s fine, you can do that. But it’s when you also create a landing page for your video that includes a contact form, and then promote that page via email and social media, that the views increase dramatically. It also increases the chances that someone watching your video will submit a question about your topic, becoming an instant business opportunity.

After all, when you post a video on YouTube, there’s no guarantee that people will find it and watch it. There’s also no guarantee that they’ll leave the native video platform and go to your website to submit an inquiry. That’s why—especially until you have a dedicated audience—you need to consider the effort of promoting your video just as important as making the video itself.

To use a simple analogy: If your video is Disney World, email and social media are the interstates and airplanes that bring people there. Putting your video on a landing page with a contact form is the equivalent of having a ticket booth where casual visitors become paying customers.

If you’re not recording personal videos, putting them on landing pages, and then promoting them to your clients and prospects, you need to start—now. This is an important opportunity for your viewers to see you, hear your voice, and connect with you in meaningful ways.


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