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How To Connect With Your Audience By Talking About Youth And Investing

By News Creatives Authors , in Small Business , at September 16, 2021

COO and co-founder at Maven Road.

A survey conducted by discovered that 75% of Gen Z and millennials are planning to invest, showcasing the overarching interest that a significant percentage of these generations have in building long-term wealth.

For startups and large corporations alike, youth investing is a substantive commercial opportunity. Understanding how users discuss various topics surrounding youth and investment online can help you identify strategies to reach and capture this audience’s interest.

From January 2020 to May 2021, my company analyzed 3.8 million social media posts about youth and investment to better understand how the most influential fintech startups achieved their stardom. More young people are interested in the stock market than ever before, and many companies are pivoting to reach this growing audience. 

The conversations published during this time had an estimated reach of 3.9 billion social media users, suggesting that influential people with a high number of followers share content related to the topic. Furthermore, Twitter and News are the platforms in which most users interacted with the youth and investment topic.

Our social listening findings indicate that users under 35 years old express the most interest in youth and investment, which presents an opportunity to develop efforts and initiatives that focus on addressing the financial needs of younger audiences and creating relationships with these users.

In this context, what can brands within the financial management sector do to capture this audience? Based on our research findings, there are three areas companies should focus on to promote collaboration, young leadership and tech tools that will allow you to stay ahead of the competition and further your relationships with younger investors:

• Educate your audience: Companies should educate their audience on different aspects of investment, such as managing money for the future, saving for other projects or even promoting tools such as specialized calculators for retirement planning.

• Share your sustainability efforts: Communicating your brand’s investment in sustainability and commitment to a sustainable future can help you connect with an increasingly environmentally-conscious audience that supports eco-friendly practices.

• Use the right channels: Use each social media platform for a different, strategic purpose. For example, Instagram could be used to communicate about sustainability efforts, HR initiatives and financial literacy information. LinkedIn is a great channel to share information about company initiatives (both sustainable and HR-focused) and market reports. Twitter and Facebook are great for sharing content related to all of the above, with the latter focused more on sustainability, HR initiatives and financial literacy tips.

Because of the evolution in the digital world, it is also necessary to perform a predictive analysis for your brand. Your audience is the primary source for trends that may arise in the future. That said, it’s not just about answering your audience but also about making an objective analysis that allows us to anticipate their needs, develop them and pioneer in offering them.

Now that most social media data is widely available for public consumption, the effective use of information is becoming the new basis of competition. Today’s brands need to be part of social media conversations; we need to understand what our clients are saying and address marketing and PR challenges.

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