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Five Suggestions For Hiring Managers Struggling To Find Candidates

By News Creatives Authors , in Small Business , at September 14, 2021

Headhunter & Recruitment Entrepreneur, DG Recruit.

In today’s challenging hiring environment, employers are finding it harder than ever to hire. As a headhunter helping top clients get ahead, here are some suggestions for any employer serious about hiring:

1. Truly partner with your internal resources to help them help you.

Oftentimes, I’ve found hiring managers expect human resources and internal recruiters to just magically wisp candidates out of thin air. However, this mindset fails to take into account the incredibly challenging task of finding talent to stand out from the noise of other employers, as well as the fact that headhunters will be going after the same candidate community.

So, as a hiring manager, remember that you know best who you want to hire and what that person’s background should encompass. Work closely with your existing team because they need as much input as you can provide to help find the right candidates.

2. Create market maps as headhunters do.

You should gather your top poaching sites and start mapping out who you want your internal teams to recruit. Giving them a directive to go after specific titles and individuals by a certain deadline pushes them to be accountable. Use a shared spreadsheet to track all of your progress.

Additionally, you may also reach out to the same candidates shortly after your internal team reaches out. In today’s culture, hiring managers who aren’t directly messaging candidates are going to miss out because other leaders who are eager to hire the same profile are doing just that.

3. Use processes to keep your outreach activity organized between you and your talent acquisition team.

Copying and pasting and detailed applicant tracking are your best friends here. Have templates prepared for not only reaching out but also following up that you can send to your intended targets. Make sure you’re working closely in tandem with your internal staff to make sure messaging and timing are properly handled so that you’re not all reaching out to the same candidate on the same day/time frame.

4. Leverage a headhunter specific to your field, should you opt to work with one.

If you have the financial resources and brand desirability to engage the services of a credible and respected headhunter, interview a few you know are well-networked into your specific hire’s domain. Use a combination of LinkedIn and Google keyword searches as well as word of mouth by asking your existing connections of their referrals to top recruiters.

Once you’ve identified a strong and committed headhunter for your search, either retain them if you truly trust in their ability to produce or have them work on exclusive contingent for a while to see how far they get on with the search before engaging more agencies.

Through my headhunting firm, I’ve seen less is more in recruitment. If there is no recruiter loyalty, this can make your job look cheap and undesirable. In my experience, it’s not a good look for candidates to hear about one company hiring through multiple recruiters because it can make the job look less exclusive and the client look more desperate. Again, give headhunters time to prove their worth, and move on if they’re not the right fit.

5. Host events digitally and connect through social media/marketing platforms.

You can also consider hosting digital events and leveraging social media to connect with potential hires. Whether you post videos on LinkedIn or create a bio about yourself and why you love your role/company on a company page, leverage your company’s social media offerings. It’s important to put yourself out there.

What’s the added benefit? This could even help your personal branding efforts in your own career. Nowadays, to make it past the noise, personal connection and chemistry mean the world and showcase the unique benefits of working with you. If candidates can get a sense of who you are before they apply, that can only help the situation and draw attention to you and your opening.

Long Story Short

The days of relying on job boards and HR to magically churn out the best candidates for you no longer exist. Hiring managers increasingly need to build their own networks, engage the passive candidate community directly, provide value and increase their personal brand.

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