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Meet Mohammed Ali: Founder Of Close Protection One Shaking Up The Security Industry

By News Creatives Authors , in Small Business , at September 10, 2021

Whilst the lives of high-net-worth individuals are envied by many, their financial status often means they have to deal with certain threats the general public does not have to. One of these major threats is security. Depending on where these people are in the world, their loved ones and assets require extra protection so that they can move around with the same freedom many of us take for granted. However, having this protection can make their lives seem abnormal. In order to solve this there is a new wave of security firms combining security with a broader lifestyle experience that involves organising events, booking restaurants in a holistic fashion. One of the firms pioneering in this field is Close Protection One, founded by entrepreneur Mohammed Ali. 

Early Beginnings 

Mohammed had a difficult upbringing, spending time between London and Birmingham. He left school at 16 with no GCSEs and had a variety of odd jobs for 5 years between the ages of 16 and 21. However at 21 he was able to secure a job at a reputable company based in Yorkshire, England. Whilst he enjoyed the job, something he always had ambitions for growing up was to be his own boss. Outside of his day job he also worked in helping coordinate and provide security services for events and individuals. Through his network he had managed to get clients and wanted to set up his own company. He had noticed that whilst there were many security firms, very few offered protection for high net worth individuals and high profile events in a holistic fashion which incorporated both lifestyle and security. 

Setting Up Close Protection One 

Mohammed’s vision to provide security but in a way which seamlessly fitted in with his clients lifestyle required re-thinking the way his company operated and the types of staff he employed. Historically, the sector would predominantly hire ex-military or police staff. However, he decided in order for his staff to be able to offer a lifestyle orientated service they required different training. This led to Close Protection One opening a school in Mayfair where they would train guards. The first 12 months would be spent taking course based training in Mayfair in London followed by two years in the field with additional course based content ensuring they fully understood the type of lifestyle prospective clients have and how they could provide the best service not just in terms of security but general assistance. The final step in getting everything set up involved building relationships with restaurants, event organisers, nightclubs and various other places these clients frequent to make their experiences there as seamless as possible which they managed to develop over time. 

Close Protection One Today & The Future

Whilst the journey has not been straightforward the company now employs 25 security staff servicing clients across the U.K. and United Arab Emirates. These clients range from city professionals who may need one off security for a special day or occasion through to elite entrepreneurs and high end celebrities. Additionally they recently formed a partnership with the Qatar World Cup in 2022 to provide a set of exclusive packages to select clientele to visit Qatar and enjoy all the hospitality on offer which starts with a luxury pickup from their clients place of residence and includes flights, guards, premier seats and boxes, 5-star hotels and restaurants. They expect to continue expansion and true to Mohammed’s original plan they will merge the aspects of security and lifestyle to enhance the lives of not only high net worth individuals but also people looking for a very special day out where they don’t have to worry about anything.


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