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How Technology Is Helping Bridal Retail Businesses Succeed

By News Creatives Authors , in Small Business , at September 9, 2021

Saul Maslavi is CEO of Jovani Fashions, the famous designer of prom dresses, with more than 2,000 wholesale partners across the country.  

When a bride starts planning her wedding, she’s bombarded with products and services available to make her special day perfect. However, in a rush to make sure everything is organized before the big day, there can be so much information overload that decisions are made blindly, especially true for wedding dresses or any other item to be ordered for the wedding party.

More and more consumers are turning online and to other technological innovations for their stationery needs to ease some of the stress that can come with choosing everything from a wedding dress to flowers. However, it’s not only customers who are enjoying the benefits. Retailers are beginning to realize how technology can help with everything from marketing to inventory management.

The Rise Of E-Commerce

Today, we are in a “buy now, pay later” world. Technology has taken over all our lives, and it is only getting better, in my opinion. E-commerce has become everyone’s go-to shop. Whether looking for new clothes, a new car or electronics, online shopping allows customers to order what they want and get it when they need it.

E-commerce is quickly becoming one of the most important sales channels within many industries. A recent report found that, in 2020, consumers spent approximately $900 billion more online than they had in the previous two years. As customers continue to demand convenience from retailers, e-commerce will be how many businesses meet those demands.

The wedding industry is no exception, and online-only retailers are leading the way in changing the industry. Due to innovations and modern websites, online ordering has become easier than ever before. Retailers such as The Knot and others have taken advantage of new technologies and revolutionized the industry. The easier it is to order a product, the better chance a retailer can close a sale. E-commerce retailers will also need to continue innovating as they compete with each other for consumer dollars.

When it comes to traditional brick-and-mortar retailers, they are currently faced with competition from online-only stores, which can make it difficult for them to stay in the game. I’ve observed that many brick-and-mortar stores are having problems with customer conversion, traffic and many more factors. Further, as e-commerce continues to grow, retailers will need to find ways of making their sites stand out from competitors online. While offering competitive pricing is important, businesses also need to provide something unique that makes them stand out from the rest.

One way brick-and-mortar retailers can set themselves apart is through customer service. While online stores may have a faster turnaround, the customer experience in a traditional store cannot be matched. Offering excellent customer service in-store has become increasingly important for many retailers as customers continue to demand convenience from their businesses. Offering quality customer service will also help with sales conversion, as many consumers prefer to shop in-store to receive a high level of service. Traditional retailers that take advantage of the innovations still have time to stay ahead of their competition online. They can do this by offering different aspects than what is provided by online businesses.

Custom Options Through 3D Printing

Today’s bride wants more than just an ordinary dress off the rack. She wants something that is one-of-a-kind. Her dress is very personal and a reflection of her unique style and personality, just as much as the details of her wedding day are. That’s why brides increasingly turn to bespoke gown makers who can create custom designs they will love. It is common practice for bridal dress designers to provide 3D models of these designer dresses and sell their patterns. However, this isn’t very convenient for many customers, and it doesn’t allow them to browse through many designs or get inspiration from popular gowns.

Today, more and more bridal designers are turning to 3D printing to allow their customers to see what the style will look like. It enables them to understand how it would fit, and they can manipulate the dress’ fabric or colors until they find something that fits their wedding plans. Designers can also use this technology to offer alternative styles or even customizations for the gowns.

A Changing Industry

The rise of technology has positively impacted many aspects of our lives, and the wedding industry is no exception. The desire of couples to get a more personalized service only increases with each passing year. With the aid of online shopping and technological innovations like 3D printing, retailers can bring in more customers and brides can enjoy more variety and better customizations when selecting a gown.

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