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The Family Office Saving Lives, Boosting The Economy And Making Billions

By News Creatives Authors , in Billionaires , at August 24, 2021

In a small Family Office in Munich sit two brothers who have helped saved millions of lives, boosted Germany’s economy and enabled nations, across the world, to re-open in the middle of a pandemic.

The Family Office we refer to in this article is Athos Service GmbH. The same Family Office who through a controlling stake of 50.3% own BioNTech, the creators of the world’s first and most effective coronavirus vaccine.

In November 2020, Agreus broke the news that Andreas and Thomas Strüngmann and their Single Family Office; Athos Service GmbH became one of few Single Family Offices globally to have a single holding in their portfolio valued at over $12BN.

BioNTech was listed on Nasdaq

with a market cap on November 9th at 14:00 Eastern Time of $25.3BN, valuing Athos Services stake at $12.73BN. Stock price has exponentially increased by 499% over the last 12 months and it seems the two organisations are not the only ones to have benefited.

BioNTech has boosted German GDP by 0.5% alone with economists predicting a national growth of 3.7% by the end of the year. Then of course you have the fact that economies such as the UK and USA have opened up almost entirely thanks to their impressive vaccination programmes with Athos-backed BioNTech, the most popular choice of jab.

Financials aside and BioNTech with the backing of Athos Service GmbH Family Office have potentially saved the lives of millions of people. According to the Centre for Disease Control and Prevention, as of Tuesday 17th August 2021, 218,709,690 doses of the vaccine have been given to citizens across the USA alone. This means that millions of lives have potentially been saved by the extraordinary partnership of a Single Family Office and an early-stage science venture. It’s something that Thomas Strüngmann himself describes as “a dream come true”.

It is also without taking into account the rest of the globe, particularly the United Kingdom where the BioNTech and Pfizer

vaccine remains the recommended choice for under 30s due to side effects given by the UK’s initial favourite, AstraZeneca. With two-thirds of 16-29’s receipt to at least one dose of the BioNTech vaccine, the life-saving potential has been monumental to say the very least and it looks set to continue as Israeli research released this week suggests a third dose of the vaccine provides even more protection.

With just one Single Family Office hosting the ability to save millions if not billions of lives, generate billions of dollars in revenue for both their own portfolio, the company they invest in and of course, a global economy – what could our network of Family Offices possibly achieve when they work together to achieve good? As they say, doing good is good for business.


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