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4 Reasons To Share Company Content

By News Creatives Authors , in Leadership , at August 23, 2021

Content that is never shared is a massive waste of company resources; the true cost of producing content within an organization is billions of dollar per year, and whether it be articles, videos, or infographics, the vast majority of content produced by companies is rarely shared by their own employees.

The most basic and common reaction of employees being asked to share content is simple: Why should I share my company’s content? That’s not my job, that’s not what I get paid to do. It is just incredibly easy for employees to stay in their lane, and stay quiet with regards to sharing company content. In the current business environment, there seems to be no upside to sharing, besides possible brown nosing. Right?

No! Sharing content is a way for the employees within a business to build their brand and show passion for the work their company is doing. Hate your company? Don’t believe in what they do? Find a new company. But for everyone else, becoming a positive messenger and unofficial brand ambassador for your business is good for your company and great for your career.

Here are the four biggest reasons to get sharing:

Become a Thought Leader to Get Promoted, or Get a Better Job

I recently worked with a young ambitious professional at a firm that didn’t support brand ambassadors within the company. They didn’t understand it, and they didn’t encourage it. So what happened? His visibility rose in the sector and he was poached away by a smarter company that recognized the value of having an employee who was also a strong brand ambassador.

Sharing will get you visibility and if your company doesn’t value that visibility, someone else will take notice.

Team Up With Other Influencers

We aren’t talking celebrities and Instagram elite, we are talking about the highly influential social media users in your industry. I still remember when I was just getting started writing for the legal industry and the Twitter account for Above the Law (a massive legal publication) re-shared one of my articles. My traffic took a massive jump. When you make friends online, you often earn credibility with their friends, as well. You don’t need to go viral to have massive reach, but if you can get a few well connected peers re-sharing your content, it can bring massive value to your company and to you, professionally.

Bring in Business

The phrase “stay top of mind” has been repeated so many times that it may seem trite, but it gets repeated over and over because at the end of the day when people and businesses have problems to solve, they want to find a solution quickly. If you are sharing regularly and your company’s solution or product is top of mind, it makes it easy for people to contact you and give you the business. Sharing content is the simplest and least expensive way to say on people’s radar.

Positive Visibility

“What are you doing to help Firm X? We see their content everywhere.” This was a comment a potential client shared with me. They had seen the social media posts of their #1 competitor and they wondered what their secret was. It was simple, they were using an employee advocacy tool to get their professionals sharing to social media. Buying visibility has become increasingly more expensive, but you can earn visibility for your company just by sharing. More and more companies are starting to take notice of their employees that share, and I wouldn’t be surprised if eventually this is taken into consideration for the payment of bonuses.

Look, all in all, sharing is good for your career, it’s good for your business, and it will open doors and help create relationships that would never have been possible otherwise. Start sharing your company content, it’s not just good karma, it could also be a great career move.

If you want to learn more about how to share content successfully, check out my upcoming webinar, 7 Habits of LinkedIn Rainmakers, on September 16th at 1 pm EST. It’s totally free and will massively improve the way you share on social media.


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