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Bachelor Nation’s Clay Harbor Partners With Wellory — Here’s Why

By News Creatives Authors , in Leadership , at August 20, 2021

The nutrition startup, Wellory, has recently entered a partnership with Clay Harbor, former NFL player, The Bachelorette and Bachelor In Paradise contestant. A perfect match, the two hold a shared love for health, nutrition, and making sure that everyone is feeling their absolute best. Wellory and Harbor sat down to discuss the nature of their partnership and why they both believe in the power of nutrition for lifelong health. 

Wellory: Clay, we’re so happy to have you as an official member of our team! What made you decide to partner with Wellory? 

Clay Harbor: I wanted to partner with Wellory because there is a need in the wellness community for nutrition coaching and a focus on what we’re eating. Culture says that the way to a healthy future is exercise, but healthy eating is the key to achieving any of your fitness goals. Through the app, Wellory makes it easy to build a real relationship with my virtual nutritionist (my “Wellorist”) and helps me understand the why behind what I’m eating. My Wellorist makes it easy to stay motivated with daily messages and recommended recipes. Every day for me is different and my Wellorist personalizes all of her recommendations to me – no other app has this level of personalized support. 

 W: What role will you play in your partnership with Wellory?

CH: Our partnership will be multifaceted. Today’s consumers have a great BS detector, so my role is to show them how Wellory can be integrated into their lives and additive to their fitness journey. I will primarily be helping to create wellness content across digital platforms and helping to cultivate the personality and voice of the brand. I’m really excited to introduce Wellory to my community and elevate the conversation on the power of nutrition. I was recently talking to the Founder, Emily, and she told me that by simply reducing the amount of salt we all eat to the recommended 2,300 mg per day, we can save up to 500,000 lives. I mean that’s worth talking about and supporting! 

W: You care a lot about your body and physical health. Why is nutrition important to you and what part does nutrition play in your daily routine? 

CH: Nutrition is everything to me! Wellness starts with what you put into your body. I love the analogy that your body is a sports car, and the fuel you use will dictate its performance. Wellness is a long-term play, and I understand at some point, my body will fail me. I won’t be able to lift as much or run as far. When that happens, I’ll be glad to have developed healthy eating habits with the support of Wellory and my virtual nutritionist. 

W: Why do you believe it is so important for people to focus on what they’re eating? 

CH: Back in the day, you grew most of what you ate, so in that way we’re limited. Overeating wasn’t a thing because you understood the importance of saving some for other family members or colder months. Now food is available in abundance, especially all the highly processed foods with all types of chemicals. We have so many options today, so it’s important to take a step back and understand what we are eating. Wellness is not a 30-day fix. It should be a lifelong commitment. 

 W: What can people get from working with a Wellorist that they can’t get anywhere else?

CB: A real relationship! I can’t stress that enough. Wellory is not here to sell you on a fancy algorithm, where you input a few numbers and it tells you how many calories you should eat a day. There are people on the other end, Wellorists, who are just as passionate about helping you make better choices as you are. You finally get the support you need, when you need it most.

 W: What can we look forward to in your upcoming partnership with Wellory?

CH: For us at Wellory, our partnership is not a gimmick. It developed after several months of really getting to know each other. It all started with a breakfast over avocado toast and matcha to get where we discussed missions, goals, and big ideas. So with this partnership, you can look forward to authenticity and thoughtfulness. What we are doing is rooted in our shared beliefs that nutrition habits aren’t developed overnight and should be easily accessible for all. Be sure to follow along on our Instagram, @clayharbs82 and @wellory.  

Clay Harbor is an American football player and television personality. His sports career began in 2006 in Missouri State University and spanned over 10 years in multiple NFL teams. In 2018, Harbor participated in the 14th season of The Bachelorette, and then continued to star on season six of Bachelor in paradise in 2019. Harbor currently resides in Chicago.

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