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Why Your Content Marketing Needs To Be On-Trend To Be Successful

By News Creatives Authors , in Small Business , at August 16, 2021

Building new economies in the entertainment world, NuWave is no stranger to the success that comes with following trends. They’ve transformed how entertainment artists market their work. With celebrity clients, big-name brand deals, and hundreds of thousands of conversions, NuWave’s content marketing strategy highlights the importance of trends in the modern era. Their newest venture is a blockchain-based strategy that helps entertainment industry creators distribute their content and grow their following. 

While riding trends may seem like a transient business model, in the digital age it really isn’t. Instead, NuWave has proven that leveraging trends can help build a loyal customer base that feels much more relatable. Just ask any TikTok star.

Here are two tips from the NuWave leadership team about implementing a trend-based system in your content marketing strategy.

Rely on New Tech and Business Resources

There’s no shame in automation, modernization, or delegation—you can use them to your advantage. The leaders of NuWave dedicate much of their time to learning and understanding new technologies and systems that they could use in their businesses, whether that means learning a new social platform or computer software. This is especially important in content marketing because new platforms provide new opportunities for entrepreneurs to reach their ideal clients. For example, if you were hesitant to try out TikTok when it first began, you might regret it now—TikTok is now the 7th most-used platform.

Every content marketer and entrepreneur should take time to understand new platforms and emerging technologies so they can be up-to-date on the latest trends and stay on the cutting edge.

Don’t Put All Your Eggs In One Basket—Try New Methods

It’s imperative that content marketers follow trends so that they can understand what consumers want, but that doesn’t necessarily mean you have to use the same platforms or resources everyone else is using. Content marketing is more than social posting. It can mean products or collaborations, even interactive exhibits. NuWave has experimented with various trends to drive ROI for their clients.

One unique campaign involved hiring muralists to design works of art around the world that would call attention to NuWave’s entertainment industry client and late rapper XXXTENTACION. The campaign was wildly successful and it played off of the trend in which social media users visit, photograph, and share murals they see around the world.

It’s imperative to understand and also experience trends if you want your content marketing campaigns to succeed. Not sure how to take the first step? Start with the social media platforms you know. Explore the leading social apps to see how other brands within your industry interact with their followers, then try them out for yourself. Staying engaged online is the best way to understand what people want to see from companies, and it may inspire you to try something new.


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