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New Orleans Pelicans’ Trey Murphy III Shares Thoughts On NBA Rookie Transition Program

By News Creatives Authors , in Business , at August 13, 2021

Every player lucky enough to make the league has their ‘welcome to the NBA’ moment. For some that moment is a highlight, like Zion Williamson’s rip and dunk earthquake game in Las Vegas, while others would rather forget an embarrassing learning moment like getting crossed over. These association welcomes come at different times but every rookie experiences what NBAPA Executive Purvis Short calls the “Welcome to the Brotherhood” moment at the NBA’s annual Rookie Transition Program. Trey Murphy III of the New Orleans Pelicans took time to share with me his thoughts on the program, professional adjustments, and future plans as he grows into a leadership role.

Murphy III wants to be a leader on the court and in the community. He said “I’m a pretty open book and have a rep for being a high character person. I try to be a high-character person. I’ve very respectful. That’s how my parents raised me…They instilled a really great foundation for my success.”

Murphy III was impressed by “how in-depth they are with the social justice panel. That is just something I’m very passionate about and I’m very passionate about helping children. I feel the way we improve society is by influencing children…That’s the way I look at it.” As for making a difference in the community, Murphy III plans to pay it forward with his “work with children and it doesn’t have to be people of color…You can’t segregate that. Society is not segregated. As long as you are teaching everyone the right way, that everyone is supposed to be nice, as long as you do it that right way that helps move society in the right direction.”

Going by his NBA Summer League play Murphy III is moving in the right direction to carve out a long career. He appreciates any advice and would ask NBA Commissioner Adam Silver “What are some things you see that could be detrimental to growth and development?” Why? Murphy III feels like Silver “sees a lot of people come into the league and go out the league. I really want to stick. I want to be in this league a long time so any little advice he could give me would be great.”

The most noticeable transition has come on the court as Murphy III has not had the time to branch out on his own yet. Murphy III said, “On the court, just different pace and different defensive rules. Being spaced out, it’s a whole different game from the college game and I really like it a lot. It’s probably working in my favor more than it’s hurt me. Off the court, I couldn’t really tell you. I haven’t been in my own apartment, had my own practice schedule. I’ve just been in the hotel, doing the rookie transition, or having games. Stuff like that. It’s a little tiring, you don’t get to spend as much time with the family out here but, you know, it is what it is. It’s what I signed up for.”

The healthy living and relationship-building sessions were “Good. Very informative. It’s a pretty important piece. We’re basketball players but we are also people. We are going to have relationships, going to have romantic relationships, so any guidance that they have, ways to keep us aware that being in the NBA a lot of people are going to try and leech off of you. You have to say on your P’s and Q’s and understand what gravity you have as a person.”

It helped to hear from veteran players during this process. Murphy III could even see himself coming back to help future rookies once he was an established veteran. Murphy III said talking with Derrick White, Rob Covington, Tracy Murray, Shawn Marion, Antione Walker, and Dennis Scott was “super important. These guys have been through it. They were in these same shoes however many years ago. I definitely would come back if they invite me to. I’m all about giving back and giving out information to help people because I feel like that is something God has gifted me with is an ability to help people.”


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