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Jin Young And Krystal Jung Hope To Realize Dreams At ‘Police University’

By News Creatives Authors , in Business , at August 10, 2021

Kang Sun-ho, a high school student, played by Jin Young, does not dare to have any dreams. Having been orphaned at a young age and raised by a family friend, he can’t allow himself the luxury of feeling passionate about anything. Instead he keeps to himself, works diligently at school and learns some top-level hacking skills.

He marvels at his adoptive brother’s ability to fall passionately in love. “What’s your ideal type,” he asks, to which his brother replies, “a girl.” Sun-ho does not get it, but he quickly learns what it means to fall in love and, with that love, discovers a dream that will define his life’s direction. The object of his affections is judo star Oh Kang-hee, played by actress and singer Krystal Jung. Kang-hee wants to attend Police University, so that becomes Sun-ho’s dream too.

There’s only one snag. Sun-ho’s fate is tangled up with that of Yoo Dong-man, a police detective, whose passion for catching the bad guys often leads him to act impulsively and jeopardize entire operations.

Played with comic charm by actor Cha Tae-hyun, Dong-man’s heart is in the right place, but his inability to follow procedure threatens his job. One more disaster and he will either have to be transferred or quit.

Dong-man and Sun-ho are connected in a few ways. They talk anonymously online and then when Sun-ho hacks into an illicit gambling site that Dong-man has been unable to crack, they face each other in a police station. Sun-ho is sent off with a warning that Dong-man should never see his face again. Dong-man is also transferred with a warning, but he’s sent to the Police University that Sun-ho is about to attend.

With comic book flair, crisp dialogue and an engaging cast, the drama’s first episode already promises a heartwarmingly hilarious series. The police university students must learn how to live up to the ideals of integrity and honor, which can occasionally require breaking the law, as Dong-man has so often done. Will Dong-man forgive Sun-ho for his one-time criminal hacking or will he use Sun-ho’s special gift to bring down illicit gambling sites once and for all? How can he resist?

Cha is an actor, singer, television personality, radio DJ and director, known for his roles in the box-office hit comedy My Sassy Girl and the fantasy drama action hit Along with the Gods: The Two Worlds,  as well as the TV dramas Jeon Woo-chi and The Producers. He was also a popular cast member of the variety show 2 Days & 1 Night

Jin Young is a former member of the k-pop group B1A4. He appeared in the films The Dude In Me and Miss Granny, as well as the dramas My First First Love, Love in the Moonlight and Warm and Cozy.

Krystal Jung, often referred to simply as Krystal, is a member of the k-pop girl group f(x) and as an actress, has appeared in the films Sweet and Sour and More Than Family. She also appeared in the dramas Search, The Player and Prison Playbook.

Finding out what happens to Sun-ho and Kang-hee may require regular attendance at Police University.


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