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CNN, MSNBC Drop In ‘Trust’ Ratings As Fox News Channel Rises

By News Creatives Authors , in Business , at August 9, 2021

Rankings of the most trusted brands in news show that Fox News gained ground in the six months since February 2021, while rival networks CNN and MSNBC both saw declines in trust, according to research conducted by Brand Keys for Media Post, which published the results Monday.

Fox News saw its trust ranking climb from 86% in February to 89% in August, just behind MSNBC, which had the highest overall trust ranking, 90%, though that was down from 93% in February.

CNN experienced the largest overall decline of nine media brands surveyed, dropping from 92% in February to 87% in August. The lowest overall ranking was Bloomberg, at 81%, off just slightly from 82% in February.

The results are based on Brand Keys’ proprietary “emotional engagement analysis” of 3,975 respondents balanced for gender and political affiliation and from from nine U.S. Census regions. Respondents said they watched the television news brands “regularly,” or at least three times each week.

Brand Keys Founder and President Robert Passikoff said trust ratings tend to be associated with overall viewership, which mirrors ratings trends for the cable news networks—Fox News consistently ranked number one since February, while CNN and MSNBC have seen declines since hitting record highs in the immediate post-election period “We believe as people returned to a semblance of pre-Covid normalcy, viewers quite literally ‘tuned out’ the news,” Passikoff said.


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