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Bloomingdales Opens New Sexual Wellness Shop

By News Creatives Authors , in Business , at August 2, 2021

Sex has always been a subtle (sometimes not-so-subtle) undercurrent of the Bloomingdale’s persona. Back in the day of Saturday’s Generation, the 59th Street flagship was as much about the social scene as the one for shopping.

So it really shouldn’t come as a surprise that the famed New York City department store has now gone into the sexual wellness business. In emails to customers this morning, the retailer announced it was “Introducing the Sexual Wellness Shop,” an online-only offering featuring “The ultimate self-love essentials from our favorite female-led and body-positive brands.”

The collection features 41 items, ranging from vibrators and massagers to body lotions, lubricants and creams. Brands include Smile Makers, Dame, Maude and Fur with prices starting at $11(1 ounce of Maude Clean Sanitizing Spray) and topping out at $200 (the Smile Makers Ballerina Vibrator). And while it’s likely that at least some of these products had been available on the Bloomingdale’s site previously, this is believed to be the first time they have been grouped together and sold under a single shop banner.

As such, the retailer is jumping on a trend that seems to be growing both online and in-store. Goop, the Gwyneth Paltrow brand that has attracted both controversy and good business with its out-in-the-open stance on sexual wellness, may get much of the credit for raising the public visibility of such products but there are any number of other retailers working this angle, from Lelo to to one of the oldest brands, Adam & Eve.

And it’s not just niche specialty players selling these kinds of products. Internet searches for sexual wellness turn up links to such mainstream retailers as Walmart

, CVS and Walgreens

, all offering at least some products that fit the bill. Late night TV is full of male enhancement products, both medically approved and otherwise. And it’s difficult to turn on a sporting event without seeing a spot for Roman, which sells ED pharmaceuticals as well as other products.

So, the Bloomingdale’s program would seem to fit right into this trend, although it does take it to another level, putting it ahead of its competitors. Searches for “sexual wellness” turned up a tube of lipstick on the Nordstrom

site, some body oils and party dresses at Saks and an empty field at Neiman Marcus.

Sex sells is an old adage in the advertising business. Now it’s one for Bloomingdale’s too.


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