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Bray Wyatt Released: Alexa Bliss, Dark Order And The Top Trending Topics Amid WWE Star’s Firing

By News Creatives Authors , in Business , at August 1, 2021

With shockwaves still rippling throughout the pro wrestling industry following Bray Wyatt’s release from WWE, Twitter was set abuzz with several trending topics on Twitter related to Wyatt’s sudden departure. There was a sweet, sentimental and even grieving aspect to Wyatt’s release as fans, peers, legends, musicians and thousands of others showing support for the beloved former top WWE star.

Unfortunately, this is Twitter, so there was also an outrage component with emotional fanatics thirsty for targets and scapegoats to blame.

Wyatt’s release is sure to become a talking point over the next several days, and with WWE set to emanate from the impassioned pro wrestling city of Chicago for the August 2 broadcast of WWE Raw, WWE’s current honeymoon period with live fans is set to face its biggest test to date.

#WWEReleases Trends Amid Bray Wyatt’s Release

With WWE releases continuing to become a necessary evil among WWE brass, fans used the #WWEReleases to mourn the departure of Bray Wyatt in addition to the Wyatt Family as a whole. Wyatt marked the fourth and final member of the former WWE stable (which featured Erick Rowan, the late Luke Harper and Braun Strowman) to receive his walking papers.

Fans also took to Twitter to discuss past releases made by the sports entertainment giant. This trending hashtag also saw many project who else AEW could sign with the free agent pool in national pro wrestling deeper than it has ever been.

Alexa Bliss Makes Twitter Account Private After Fan Backlash

Alexa Bliss quickly trended due to her previous alliance with Bray Wyatt, with many fans lashing out at the top star as emotions ran high. Fan backlash became so intense that Bliss opted to make her account private in order to mitigate the fierce response.

In addition to the obvious connection to Wyatt, Bliss became a trending topic, in part, due to a subtweet from Mickie James that went viral. More on that later.

Bliss aligned with Wyatt in late 2020 as part of a polarizing feud opposite Randy Orton. Bliss betrayed Wyatt in the opening match of WrestleMania 37, Night 2, leading to a pinfall loss to Orton in what would prove to be The Fiend’s final match.

The host of Alexa Bliss’ Playground posted a touching tweet in support of her former run-in buddy, noting she was “at a loss for words.”

Mickie James Trends After Calling Out WWE, Subtweeting Alexa Bliss

Mickie James found herself in the thick of the high drama surrounding Bray Wyatt’s release as the WWE legend openly criticized her former employer and its creative.

In response to WWE’s Twitter feed announcing Wyatt’s release, James—who will be producing the historic all-women’s pay-per-view NWA Empowerrr—wrote the following:

“I think what you meant to say was: “Thank you so much for coming up with such an incredible gimmick(time & time again)one so cool & over, we really didn’t know how to book it right. So we just gave it to someone else so we can still make ALL the money off of it & let you go.”

The tweet received such an intense response, James was compelled to post a follow-up tweet to clarify she was not throwing shade at Alexa Bliss with the “we just gave it to someone else” line.

“This isn’t against Alexa. I love her,” began James’ reply.

“She’s an incredible performer who is killing it in a role she was given. She always does. We as artists take every role we’re given & turn it into gold. He, she, they both did that. Like it/not. Facts are facts. So sorry if that offends you.”

A recent casualty of WWE releases herself, Micke James went through a bitter divorce with the promotion after her belongings were sent to her in a trash bag. WWE fired now-former Head of Talent Relations Mark Carrano as a result of the incident.

Dark Order Trends After Fans Want Bray Wyatt to Join AEW Stable

As fans continued to cope with Bray Wyatt’s shocking release, some tried to moved forward with the obligatory AEW fantasy booking of a former WWE top star. With AEW already acquiring top-tier former WWE talents in Malakai Black, Chris Jericho, Sting and FTR, some began clamoring for Wyatt to not only sign with AEW, but join the Dark Order.

A clearly miffed Evil Uno, the “UNOficcial” leader of the popular stable, fired back with the a thinly veiled tweet addressing Wyatt’s release. The tweet simply read:

“Release, ‘He should Join Dark Order’ Repeat.”

Though it is admittedly annoying for fans to constantly submit their unsolicited booking suggestions for The Dark Order, Bray Wyatt joining The Dark Order almost makes too sense, and at the very least should be considered.

Nick Khan Trends as WWE Releases, Budget Cuts Continue

MORE FROM FORBESWWE Releases In The Nick Khan Era: A Timeline Of 2021 Cuts

As has become a rising trend in internet wrestling outrage culture, fans were quick to lash out at WWE Chief Revenue Officer Nick Khan amid reports that Wyatt’s release was due to budget cuts. Khan’s productive stint in WWE—and even his working relationship with the company prior to signing on as an executive—has been accompanied by lucrative television and broadcasting deals, including WWE’s recent billion-dollar deal with Peacock.

Khan’s tenure has also been accompanied by tough cost-cutting decisions, including the recent wave of releases of popular stars including the aforementioned James, The IIconics, Braun Strowman, Aleister Black and Bray Wyatt. With many fans failing to see the forest through the trees, emotions are getting the best of an at-times rabid sub-fanbase that struggles to compartmentalize.

Braun Strowman Trends After Tweeting in Support of Bray Wyatt

Recently released former top star Braun Strowman became a trending topic after tweeting “Brother I’m waiting!!!!!!” Strowman’s tweet was accompanied by a picture of the two former WWE frenemies on the verge of an embrace. The tweet appeared to suggest that Strowman is open to a Wyatt Family reunion outside of WWE.

After his own shocking release in June, Strowman promptly became the subject of return rumors with WWE reportedly having interest in bringing him back per Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter (h/t Wrestling Inc).

Strowman recently appeared at a bare knuckle boxing event and has reportedly agreed to wrestle at Qatar Pro Wresting’s Super Slam 3.


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