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David Dastmalchian’s ‘Count Crowley’ Will Continue At Dark Horse Comics Following COVID Hiatus

By News Creatives Authors , in Business , at July 30, 2021

Don’t count Jerri Bartman out just yet. The alcoholic horror host and reluctant monster hunter of David Dastmalchian’s Count Crowley comic will officially return in a second volume at Dark Horse. Dastmalchian, who will appear as Polka-Dot Man in James Gunn’s The Suicide Squad next week, confirmed the exciting news during an interview with The Hollywood Reporter.

“There were a lot of new elements we didn’t get to play with before with Vol. 1, including locations, certain kinds of monsters,” he said. “The way that monsters interact with each other as well as humans.”

Dark Horse corroborated the announcement on Twitter, writing: “At long last, we can confirm: yes, more @CountCrowley is coming!”

There was just no way the publisher was going to let the book slip through its fingers —not after rave reviews from outlets like Bloody Disgusting, which called it “one of the best damned comics currently haunting your local comic shop. If you’re a fan of tales with strong female protagonists, classic monsters, horror hosts, and 80s-set tales of the supernatural…well, 1) we can be friends. And 2) consider Count Crowley absolutely essential reading.”

The first four issues are currently available in the form of a trade paperback collection. Forbes Entertainment exclusively teased the fourth installment in early 2020.

“I feel like I’ve just begun to introduce Jerri to the world and it’s bittersweet to think that we’ve already reached the fourth of our four issue limited series,” Dastmalchian remarked at the time. “I have so many dreams for Jerri and where I’d love to dive into both her internal battles, professional revolution and ultimate fate as an ‘appointed’ monster hunter. If this is the end of the haunted road then I can proudly state that it’s the greatest accomplishment I’ve yet to achieve as a storyteller.”

The series was originally meant to continue, but Dark Horse was forced to pump the brakes on further stories when the coronavirus pandemic began to take shape in the U.S. last March. “I was utterly devastated. It was a day I’ll never forget,” the actor admitted during his conversation with THR. “We had our car stolen. The country shut down. I was supposed to go work on something cool for filming. Everything just stopped, and Count Crowley got stopped.”

Now that he’ll be cranking out more adventures with Jerri, the actor can share them with one of his earliest supporters: Margot Robbie. The Harley Quinn actress would read Vol. 1 issues while the two were shooting The Suicide Squad together.

“She was genuinely so supportive of the comic and of my writing,” he told THR. “She treats everybody like they are important.”

Dastmalchian is one of the lucky few actors to have dabbled in two distinct comic book universes at two separate studios. In addition to his upcoming role in Gunn’s soft reboot of Task Force X, he also got to play Thomas Schiff in Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight, Calendar Man in DC Animation’s Batman: The Long Halloween Parts 1 & 2, and Kurt in Peyton Reed’s first two Ant-Man films.

The Suicide Squad opens in theaters and on HBO Max next Friday (Aug. 6). It won’t be Dastmalchian’s only Warner Bros. blockbuster this year, as he’ll also be portraying Piter De Vries in Denis Villeneuve’s big-budget Dune adaptation (out Friday, Oct. 22).


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