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Niching Down For Success

By News Creatives Authors , in Small Business , at July 29, 2021

Five years ago, Sonia Ganger was building her business but unable to determine her niche. With her large background in fashion, event production, and marketing, she eventually realized that she could make the biggest impact as a South-Asian wedding planner. Talk about niching down! She’s found a lot of success focusing on this slice of the wedding market and recommends you get just as granular. Here are two ways that narrowing your niche will work in your favor.

It’s All In The Details

Based in Toronto, Ganger’s company Chic Luxury Events specializes in luxury weddings. According to her, niching down allows you to get really good at the details. Whether it’s a small, intimate gathering with just close family, or a formal affair with over 1,500 people attending, she makes every event special. It’s the details that make the events memorable, create word-of-mouth marketing opportunities and the flawless execution. When you master your niche, you will naturally get really good at recognizing the small but impactful details that make you stand out.

Even during the pandemic, where events were either canceled, moved online or socially distanced, Ganger’s intimate knowledge of her niche allowed her to continue building a clientele.

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Create Trust

One of Sonia’s most valued assets is her ability to create trust with her clients quickly because her niche is so dialed in. Through intensive listening and connecting, Ganger can paint the vision for her clients and deliver it via a design board, and eventually in real life. 

Ganger also leverages testimonials, design boards, and case studies showing what past clients wanted and what they received, both in order to build trust and to highlight her skills and what clients should expect. She also builds trust by creating free educational content, studded with important, and often un-talked about tips. She conducts interviews where frequently asked questions are addressed and follows up with FAQ posts, so people can get to know her even before they have an in-person interaction.

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