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‘Painkiller Jane’ Creator Taps Into Humanity’s Uncertain Future With Crowdfunded Graphic Novel ‘Rage’

By News Creatives Authors , in Business , at July 27, 2021

With a global pandemic, escalating climate change, and other troublesome developments currently plaguing the human race, many of us have no idea what tomorrow will bring. Instead of wallowing the uncertainty, however, writer Jimmy Palmiotti and artist Scott Hampton are tuning into that chaotic frequency with Rage.

One might even say they’re…raging against the machine. Sorry, I just couldn’t resist.

Now available to back on Kickstarter, the 68-page, hardcover graphic novel tells the story of Braden Radovick, a desperate man who wakes up in a New York prison cell one morning to find that the world has completely changed overnight.

Everything is in shambles: fires burn ceaselessly, people have seemingly gone insane, and the cops are so overwhelmed, they simply allow Mr. Radovick to walk free. But not even a mysterious global catastrophe will stop him from attempting to reunite with his daughter, Friday, on the West Coast (think Taken meets The Road).

Rage is a full-throttle, white-knuckle thriller about a man with secrets in his past, who will do absolutely whatever it takes to save his daughter,” Palmiotti, who is the co-creator of fan favorite Painkiller Jane, said in a statement. “It’s a story all about survival, which in this case means learning to live with what you’ve done — and what you’ve failed to do.”

Speaking with Daily Dead, he voiced his hope that readers will come away feeling like they’ve been “pulled out of their own reality for a bit and entertained. Maybe nervous, grossed out, and in the end, a bit hopeful.”

As mentioned above, Scott Hampton is on art duty. The artist’s previous works include Neil Gaiman’s American Gods, Black Widow, and DC’s G.I. Zombie: A Star-Spangled War Story, which Palmiotti also wrote. Limited variant editions of Rage will feature cover art from Amanda Conner (Before Watchmen, Vampirella) and and Bill Sienkiewicz (Moon Knight, The New Mutants).

“Scott Hampton’s done an absolutely stunning job with the art and Amanda Conner and Bill Sienkiewicz have done jaw-dropping variant covers,” added Palmiotti. “Like most PaperFilms’ books, Rage is a graphic novel with sex and violence and is for adults. We make comics for adults, by adults.”

Check out some of the initial artwork below:

The book has already reached more than half of its $28,000 goal by pledges from almost 400 backers. It’s the 16th crowdfunded project to hail from PaperFilms, the company Palmiotti co-founded with Conner (the two just so happened to be married).

Rage is a complete graphic novel,” Palmiotti also told Daily Dead. “We did not set Rage up to be a series or there to be a sequel, no matter how well it does. We just about nail everything we wanted in the book. The story we wanted to tell is between the two hard covers and all a reader will need.”


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